I want to open a store in Hong Kong.

I am planning to move to Asia, where I want to start my own business selling audio equipment from the USA. Has anyone done something like this. If you have experience, give advice. What about licensing of copyright equipment?

What are these great truths? Come on, you can say it. It's ok, you won't get shot down in flames, you're among friends now.

What was that you said? Something about the World Economic Forum at Davos and the coming of 'The Great Reset?'

There, there, don't worry. It will all be ok soon. As the slogan goes,

'You'll own nothing soon.
And you'll be happy.'

Interlude over.

And now back discussing the merits or non merits of starting a new audio retail business in downtown Hong Kong...

'You'll own nothing soon.
And you'll be happy.'

That is for What are you streaming tonight thread, not this one.

For real, what are the truths about dangers of wearing masks? More or less all of us have been doing it for months and now we get a teaser that it is not good for us. Details, please, so we can make informed and rational decisions.
Guys....Millercarbon is correct about the global situation yet you have nothing better to do other than talk trash..... Wake up, sheep. 
"Millercarbon is correct about the global situation..."
In this matter of global situation, not quite.

"In case you haven’t noticed governments all over the world are using the flu as an excuse..."

These days, you barely hear about the Flu.
Sad to know that conspiracy mongers will be with us for the long haul.