I want to open a store in Hong Kong.

I am planning to move to Asia, where I want to start my own business selling audio equipment from the USA. Has anyone done something like this. If you have experience, give advice. What about licensing of copyright equipment?
"What about the dangers of mask wearing?"

Really, what about them?
Hello, well, the idea is interesting. Only there the competition is high, if you sell equipment for recording studios, maybe something will come out. They have just begun to understand this and appreciate the quality. Well, in any case, you will need to register a company for example  see here. Hire a local director, they will help you with tax reports. If you are legally going to work, I think you can carry out your plan.
Why are you asking a bunch of geeky audiophiles international commerce questions in a hotbed part of the world during a pandemic? Did you win the lottery ? 
Me thinks we are being trolled!

To the OP: I think you might do better in downtown Portland Oregon.  Hey
you could get customers all smacked, cracked, smoked up.  It's all legal!
Just think of all sheeeit you could sell to a stoned, whacked and delusional clientele.