I want to move from Rega Planar 6 help me to pick a new turntable

Hi Folks,

About couple of years ago I got Rega Planar 6. Now since I got more experience with turntables and know what I want from it I am looking for a new one. 

There is nothing wrong with Rega Planar 6. In fact I enjoy it and if asked I would recommend it to other people. As long as they don't care about VTA and Azimuth. And this is the main reason I want a different table. I somewhat agree that VTA is not a huge deal and on Rega you can get a spacers, not too convenient, but not too bad either. But Azimuth for me is crucial. My experience with lots of different cartridges - most of them don't have stylus perfectly perpendicular to the surface.

I don't necessarily looking to upgrade to something much better. I want a turntable that has adjustable Azimuth. I may consider an upgrade but want to stay below 3k.

Also I don't want anything with suspension, my floors are too resonant and believe me my kids could jump upstairs so hard I sometimes have recessed ceiling lights falling off :) And for some reason I don't care about ProJect.

There is also a limiting factor of availability. Because of COVID production stopped and wait times are months in some cases.

So far I have identified the following options (based on my preferences and availability).

Technics SL-1200GR - $1.7k
VPI Prime Scout - $1.9k
EAT B-Sharp - $2k
VPI - Scout 21  - $2.8k
Music Hall - MMF-9.3 Turntable - $2.7k
EAT C-Major - $3k 

The only table outside of my price range that I might consider is Technics SL-1200G for which I've heard extremely good reviews.

The rest of the system
Cartridge - temporarily DL-103. (before I had Ortofon Quintet Black S and Audio-Technica ART9XA)
Phono stage - Parasound zphono xrm
Amp - PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium
Speakers - Martin Logan Motion 60XTi 



a few years ago i was seeking an upgrade for my VPI traveller with ART9 cartridge.

i listened to the new at the time Rega P6 with Ania cartridge at a dealer on my same Harbeth speakers.  after all the Rega hype i had read the sound was disappointing.  i thought my traveler sounded better.  

i wound up getting the technics 1200gr and a herbies 4mm mat.  

it was a solid upgrade, clearer, lots of dynamic energy and speed steady as a rock.  also great vibration isolation and cartridge adjustability.  

since them i have tried a number of cartridges landing on a lyra delos.  that is it for me, the sound is perfect.  good luck!

Hi again @adrobitko 

"Because they will have to open the box and then it is not a new cart anymore. If I decide to buy I can return it but they will take 15% restocking fee. Unless something wrong with it. But azimuth they don’t consider as something wrong, because i should be able to adjust it on the turntable."


Shame on such dealers.  They are not providing any service to customers, just suiting themselves.  You may as well buy cheaper on-line and push them into the dirt.  Let's name them.


I have a P8 with Ania Pro and a VPI Classic 3 with Ortofon cadenza black cart. I really love both tables for different reasons and keep them both in the system and use both hooked to my Manley Steelhead phono stage. Often times I play one side of a record on the P8 and the other on the VPI. Def the VPI is more of a open and transparent see into sound than the P8. The P8 is still very fun to listen to and so much easier to use. Takes seconds to flip a record. You don’t have to even stop the platter. With the VPI it’s a process and takes really 10X longer. If I want to sit down and really Basque in the sound I’ll put on the VPI but for everyday casual listening I go P8. I have a feeling the P8 would get a lot closer to the sound of the VPI with a better cart.

Dear @adrobitko  : STPH M.Fremer reviewed the 100K+  SAT XD-1 turntable using only top cartridges as Lyra Atlas and in that review he posted:


"" The XD1 shares some sonic characteristics with Rega's revolutionary RP10 turntable: ultrafast, clean transients throughout the audible frequency range; tight, fast bass; revealing midrange transparency; and overall sonic stability and focus. All these characteristics result, apparently, from careful attention paid to structural rigidity and the removal or prevention of unwanted vibrational energy. ""

In his review of the Rega MF had not problems because the azymuth issue but if you are so worried about I think audiomods makes and after market item for that.


The Rega RP-10 could be your best choice. Is up to you. It's tonearm is an excellent one.


Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,


FWIW I would go with a VPI. That is what I am looking to do very soon. You do not have to go unipivot as there is a gimbal option. Unipivot are fine but can be subject to vibrations in many instances depending on where you have them set up.