I want to know if the kuzma stabi s with stogi s

Is this a good match for my system.
My system consist of
1 asr basis phono
2 ear 868pr
3 cary cad 500 mono
4 cary cd 303 / 300
5 system audio rangers speakers
6 pure power power conditioner aps 2000

I know Stabi/Stogi S and it is very fine turntable. In your system it would sound well. However, speaking generally, its rank (it is entry model of Kuzma's turntables) is somewhat lower than the quality of your equipment. You may upgrade Stabi S with Stogi Reference tonearm or even 4Point (check before if they are compatible with Stabi S). And Benz Micro LP (if your budget is big enough) would be a cherry on the cream.
in it's price-point, it is a great performer.
Never used the S-version arm or table but I've found the Kuzma products to be very well engineered and built.

I've owned a Stogi Reference (arm) and Stabi (table) for years and would not hesitate to recommend them. The more I've learned about these components, the more I admire Franc Kuzma's products.

How well they match your system depends on your commitment to vinyl and what your budget allows so you can best answer that.
There are no absolutes here but as a general comment I would say that the Kuzma TT is not outclassed by your equipment. The Kuzma is a great TT for the price and punches well above its weight. Synergy will the the key to your musical enjoyment. Further tweaking your set up with cart, arm, isolation etc will maximise it but the basic Kuzma TT is a great start. My set up is:

Kuzma Stabi/Stogi S with platter and motor upgrade
Clearaudio Maestro Wood Cartridge
Sim LP5.3 Phono preamp
Sim i7 Amplifier
Focal 1027be
To the best of my knowledge the Kuzma Stabi S can be fitted with any Kuzma tonearm, including the Air Line and 4Point. I have heard of one person with the Stabi SD (two arm version) with two Air Line arms.

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