I want to hear what you have to say bout my HT

Let's hear your opinions. This is a dedicated HT with 70/30 (HT/Music) usage. The room is a 25x16ft perfect rectangle with 15ft ceiling.
Projector: Infocus 4805
Screen: Dalite motorized 92"
Pre-amp: CAL 2500 SSP
Video Switch: CAL 2500 VP
Digital 1: CAL 2500 DVD
Digital 2: Sony NS 999ES - SACD
AMP: CAL 2500 MCA (500w x 5)
Interconnects: Jon Risch Belden DIY
Power Conditioner: Monster 3500
Front Speaker: B&W Nautilus 805
Center: B&W Nautilus HTM2
Rear: B&W DM 602S3

Ok, i'm ready to get smashed with your complement/critiques/whatever. Let's hear what you have to say.
What about a sub. Required for H/T.
Very nice, I see you have a sub in your system profile but not listed here...did you get rid of it? I'll bet it all sounds very good in your large room...I'm thinking of upgrading to the Infocus 4805 from my Infocus X-1.

If your looking for a pat on the back you have mine...great looking, and I bet sounding system
That Monster Cable PLC has got to go! Also what are you doing for Power, Resonance Control, and Acoustics? You might only be hearing half of what your system is capable of!
The only thing that jumps out as being a possible problem is that two of your room dimensions are almost the same. You could have have a bass resonance around 70 - 75 Hz.?.? Sounds like a very nice system.
Actually "bufus", his dimmensions are not so bad at first look. If the difference between 15' and 16' are around 6%-8% difference, that's more ideal actually. If they were closer than 5% and 15'x15', he'd have a real problem to adress, yes!
Actually, Russ Herschellman promotes the 6%-8% differnce in room dimmension ratio's. I concur.
As for your gear, I like your choices well enough for your room potentially, for a "passive system", yes. The hitch is that you have good acoutical treatement considerations in place OR, AT LEAST, you sit closer to your speakers(Proximaly), vs. hearing more room reflections mixed with the original sound propegation from your speakers. This will greatly enhance imaging, dynamics, clarity, and soundstage!...most don't know this. Then, their setup busts all chance for good sound.
Remember, control those "first reflection points" with A PROPER blend of diffusion/absorption, or at least sit closer "in time" to your speakers than the first reflecions proximaly.
Nice gear...
Nice system. The 805's are great speakers, but little more low-end wouldn't hurt. Try a B&W PV-1, which sounds great and looks even better: http://www.bwspeakers.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/products.models/Label/PV1
I also use all B & W's for my HTS setup...The ASW 3000 sub makes a big difference on movie soundtracks
Thanks for all the comments, I knew I can always count on you guys. Yes, though it's not a very good sub, I do have the B&W ASW1000. To me, it does a decent job with HT but a bit slow in music. I'm looking/debating between REL StrataIII, Storm, Velodyne DD10, Paradigm Servo 15. The problem is none of these are local for me to audition except the Paradigm. I never thought about getting acoustical treatments, maybe I should start looking into that. The only thing i'm looking for is a decent pair of stands for my 805...can't see myself paying $600 for a pair of stands when the 602S3 cost me only $450 w/ stands. I can you some recommendations here. Anyway, keep it coming you guys. Thanks
OSIRIS 24" stands come up for sale for around $250 every now and then..I've got a pair that I use with my VMPS 626's. Shipping could cost though as they are around 50lbs each so watch for a local pair or see if you can split shipping cost with the seller.

You nver mentioned room treatment.Panels,diffusers,basstraps ?
Actually, I'd like to hear what YOU have to say about your HT. You are the one who hears and sees it. Also was wondering about distance between mains and imaging. My experince is that HT images differently than music.
Sacman, how does your system sound to you? Whats improvements, if any, do you think that you need?
I finally had time to set up my system at my new place. I upgraded to 804N and move the 805N to the rears. After much regret from selling it in the first place, I bought another CAL Icon MKII with PowerBoss to use as source.
"That Monster Cable PLC has got to go! Also what are you doing for Power, Resonance Control, and Acoustics? You might only be hearing half of what your system is capable of" (Aroc)

Yeah, well none of that really helps you. Personally, having sold those 805's for a living, retail, you'd get better dynamics, focus, and impact with a more efficient set of mains, preferably with dual mid/woofs, and higher efficiency, yes. You still need to run those as "small", but still. Yep, you need a sub or two as well.
Projector? Do you like what you see. There's better out there for cheap these days, and getting better. But on a small screen, many like the 4805.
However, if you do stay with your gear, at least your speakers work ok in that room acoustically, with tall ceilings and all, for more dirrect sound vs. reflected from ceiling. Make sure of carpet between you and the speakers however. Yes, buying subwoofer(s) will greatly help dynamics in your system, and is a must.
If you like it, that's all that matters. I haven't heard or seen your HT, therefore my opinions are invalid.
Yeah, I've heard his system, and know what it does and doesn't do compared to others. The sound is overall smooth, clear, and "audiophile sounding" mostly, so things are nice and clear sounding. Dynamics bumps up greatly with a Dappolito configured dual-woofer design, and more efficient designs by enlarge. Being that passive speakers need all the dynamic help they can get, there's better dynamic realism, engergy, impact, and weight to be had elsewhere, if that's important to you. (and it's critical to me...cause that's where the thrill and emotion lies)
Also, better focus and solidity of image, dialog intelligebility is available. The counter to the typical 805 design is that people think this design sound more open and pretty for pressentation. That, without the proper acoustics ends up sounding to polite, laid-back, open, faint, and soft sounding for HT dubties...quite the opposite of a good theater speaker setup. To each his own.
Still, in his room, if he is to use those speakers, they work good overall, due to hearing more direct sound vs. relected, with the high ceilings.
I like the Cal Audio stuff here as well.

I only use the Monster PLC for other sources. My power amp CAL MCA-2500 is plugged directly into a 30A dedicated source. I also bought a Velodyne DD12 to get the low response out of my system. The Infocus 4805 and Dalite screen are probably my favorite items in my system. They bring me closer to a real Theater experience. There's no way that I can get the skin tone and screen size that only exist in an actual Theater without them. Unfortunately, one of the rear channels on my CAL MCA-2500 went out for the last two weeks and I've been trying to contact Scott Morris with no success.
I believe I heard that Scott Morris doesn't repair Cal Labs gear anymore.
do you know who can provide service for CAL labs now?
Who cares what we have to say, hows the overall performance of the system!