I want to find out more about OTA cable kit

I am reading about this kit but do not know where to find it. Can someone tell me more about the characteristics of this cable. Will it breathe life into a system(bring more air and detail) or will it tame a lively system. Do the interconnects sound identical to the speaker cable? Has anyone used other interconnects with this speaker cable that has been a good mate? I know it's a lot of questions but I am very curious about this cable! Thanks for reply!
See "Sakura Systems OTA cable kit" on the "Cables" forum. I think you will find most of your questions answered there.
Perform a search of "47 Labs" on the first A'Gon page and you will come up with Audio Odyssey (who is a 47 Labs dealer). I purchased my kit and additional connectors from John Rocke (sp) @ AO and recommend him/them. A buddy purchased from another dealer and expereiced some problems, so maybe stick with AO if/when you make up your mind (and if you are in the US)? As Slawney mentions an accurate "sound" profile is contained in the previous threads. I have mix/matched both IC's and speaker cable with the OTA and doing so is fine. However, for the best results I would suggest using the OTA throughout the signal path (as far as cables go). I no longer use traditional cables (other than PC's) in my better system which run's 100% OTA (except for the turntable IC's which still need to be converted over). The only reason that I can think of for using other IC's would be if one required balanced connections. If this is the case I would still A/B the OTA against these types of cables (granted that single ended inputs/outputs are available on the gear), to be certain that the balanced outperforms single ended (when using the OTA).