I want to digitally record my vinyl but I'm not sure how to approach it successfully.

Hello, I own CJ tubes amps and pre (Classic 120SE and ET-7), a turntable, an Oppo BDP-105. I'd like to record some of my best vinyl and am not sure what devices, device type, and where to hunt it down for research. Ideas? 
The best, or most correct ADC is always the place to start and that can be as big a minefield as DACs. Not necessarily the most expensive in a financial range, but the most well and properly implemented.

There is a fundamental problem, a fundamental flaw in digital that originates from analog ...and it is poorly recognized and not well dealt with. Since it remains untamed, you’ll see little to nothing of it mentioned in ADC makers paperwork and in the general sales pitch for ADC chips and ADC devices. It’s bad marketing to mention a fundamental flaw that is endemic to the entire area of endeavor.

It’s akin to all audio, in where you finally hear the flaw in the given item or product and then it cannot be unheard.

And if it’s in the ADC you chose, it will be in everything you’ve recorded. Thus step doubly, nay, quadruply careful - in the act of selecting an ADC.

With all that in mind, it is easy to familiarize yourself with the concept and act, by buying one at some minimal price/cost level, and start playing. Get the inevitable mistakes over with and become learned...at the cheap end of the exploration pool.

The best I have heard is the Ayre QB-9.  There is a used one on Ebay for $1700.

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As I've moved through the LP recording process with successive modifications to a Tascam DA-3000 ADC, the best barometer I have found is comparison of the DSD recording to the commercial SACD. You know you're on track when the two sound close-- or in some instances, the DSD-recorded vinyl is preferable.  


I have a Kaiser-Baas converter but are no longer available.

Try this link for ideas: https://www.whathifi.com/advice/how-to-digitise-your-vinyl-collection

The recording software for the PC is important. Mine was basic but that was 6 years ago. Software to help "tune" digital is becoming quite complex, however I still prefer playing the analogue.

Note:  the Ayre QB-9 that Steve references above is a DAC, and only converts a digital file to music.  The Ayre QA-9 is their ADC which can record your analog into digital.  Reportedly they are nice, but rarely come up used.
It is not quite fully fleshed out yet, but I own and love the Sugarcube SC-2 by SweetVinyl.  A one-box, turnkey solution for digitizing vinyl that also removes clicks and pops.  Eventually, it will attach metadata, cover art and split tracks as well.  
Been looking at the Channel D Lino: http://http//www.channld.com/seta/bridge_seta.html, just within my price range, and as I already picked up a Benchmark ADC1 (XLR in, no USB — though you can get it, USB, on the Lino as an option), and PureVinyl: http://www.channld.com/purevinyl/.
But, most any ProAudio external USB/Firewire/Thunderbolt ADC (https://www.sweetwater.com/shop/studio-recording/audio-interfaces/) would work out, with a decent Phono pre-amp. And, for PureVinyl you can do the RIAA 'conversion' so you supposedly use a better signal, and just need a decent pre-amp for your phono signal.
Channel D has some good FAQs for ideas on setup: http://www.channld.com/pure-vinyl_support_ttc.html, etc.