i want to buy a new system

i want to buy anew system for home theater.i have 1500$
for this.
i need help for:dvd,speakers and reciver.
Let's see...New and decent will be tough. Much easier to do if used. 2 Pairs of B&W 302s or the new 303 ($500 new, $350 used). B&W CC3 center ($180n/$130u) HSU VTF-2 subwoofer ($50O new, $400 used). Onkyo HT Receiver ($300 to $500 depending on power, the B&W speaker will not need a lot). Pioneer DV343 DVD Player $200 (it will play most formats like CDRs also). $50 for standard 12AWG speaker cable (bulk roll). $100 for decent interconnect and video cables, etc. $125 for Monster HT2000 power center.
Good answer!!! I second the B&W and pioneer combo and also add that you may want to look used for a Pioneer Elite receiver (even if it stretches your budget). Stay away from 'Theatre in a Box' solutions (Sony, Bose etc). Good luck.

Let me see here, a NEW home theater system?? For $1,500.00?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Well, a home theater system for $1,500.00??? Well, it can be done. But a brand new one??? Well, I don't know about that. I'm with "Sugarbire" here. For just $1,500.00, I'll be going used too. And DEFINITELY, you won't be getting a "high-end" system either. But even at $1,500.00.... a home theater is possible.

My recommendation for a $1,500.00 home theater system is as follows:

Speaker System: B&W DM302 (Fronts and Rears) + B&W CC3 Center Channel (used......... and you're going to need two pairs) -- $350.00 + $350.00 + $130.00 = $830.00 (No Subwoofer.......... You can get a subwoofer later on)

Audio/Video Receiver: Onkyo TX-DS494 -- $300.00

DVD Player: Toshiba SD-1700 -- $200.00

TV/Monitor: Provide your own

Cables: Radio Shack (for now.... upgrade to Monster Cable or Kimber Kable later on when your budget recovers) -- less than $100.00 (for the whole system)

Power Conditioner: Try a cheapie at your local Home Depot for right now, then upgrade to a Monster when your budget recovers -- $30.00 to $50.00

This is what I would go with right now. Good Luck.

I would also consider an Energy Take 5.2 system, with subwoofer it is about $900 retail, and you can get that discounted. On low end receivers, I found the Yamaha receivers to sound better and tighter than the Onkyos, and the nice thing is that you can finance them for zero interest financing at Best Buy. I concur with the above DVD players and suggestions for cable.