I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!

Hello all.
To start here's my system:  Harbeth Compact 7es-3 speakers with DIY 10" subs. JL Audio CR-1 crossover. Rotel RB 981 power amp for the subs. Ayre KX5mp pre amp. SMC Audio DNA1 Gold power amp. Cardas reference neutral interconnects. Kimber 8Tc speaker cables. Oppo BD105 player. 

The system sounds great but it does not move me. I want the music to touch touch my soul. I have been through many different speakers in the past 4 years but I like the Harbeths the most. I feel bored when I'm listening. I'm not sure what to do other than spend more money. Any help?
Thanks in advance.
It's the music that has soul and life to them.  How a song on the radio reminds you of a past memory, one that you have forgotten over time.  If it is not exciting some emotion from you, switch music styles, find something new to explore.  Explore the top 1000 heavy metal records to own or whatever you are into.  Garbage in is garbage out, your system is fine.  Grab some headphone and get lost in the music with no distractions.  Have fun in life, if your not having a good time in life.  Seek help, anti-depressant work wonders for me.
This is probably heresy. But my advice is to go see a live band. Go have a few drinks, dance, and get away from your gear.
Your Oppo is likely to be the weak link and causing the lack of involvement. Try something like an Ayon CD35 or used Ayon 5s. They have a tubes power supply and tubed preamp within as well as a nice Dac and comprise a very engaging front end.

"My audiophile cousin has been telling me for years to fix the room."

What is it that might be standing out to you that might be worst aspect of your room?...too small, too big, too live or echoey, too dead or just too irregularly shaped?
In the late '60's I had one of those small record players like a small suitcase.  I would play Lightnin Hopkins and The Yardbirds, stuff like that. It would really move me.
Now in my 70's I have a tube phono stage, tube amp, expensive cartridge ( cost me 1000's of dollars) and play the same sort of music (in fact a lot of the very same records) it still moves me.