i want that "sony" sound

after dumping the new Cambridge 840 cd player and sticking with the old Sony 555es changer, i'd like to keep the sound but get a single disc player with very good quality and more current. the cambridge was remarkably detailed but lacked the soundstage and dynamics of the sony. i'm told that that's the mark of a sony ....dynamic. any ideas?
btw ..............i'd like to stay in the $1200 - $1500 range.
I've never heard it, but have read amazing things about the Sony SCD-1 over the years. I would think it to be exactly what you're looking for, though about $100-$200 over your budget.
I assume you heard of the XA5400es
That's the ticket
Well, if you don't mind spending less money, I'd say you should take a listen to the Oppo BDP-83 SE. At $895 it will play every shiny disc made today and it will do so in a very fine manner.

Hi there,

Would you be interested in a Sony XA777ES.

It's in Excellent Condition, Plays Wonderfully.
Following on Rlwainwright's suggestion, if you must pay more for it to sound better you could spend $3500 on a Lexicon unit. ;-)

(Tongue in cheek; for reference see: http://gizmodo.com/5450893/lexicon-charges-3500-for-a-repackaged-500-oppo-blu+ray-player)
I had a sony SCD-1 but the newest Sony xa5400se kills it at a fraction of the cost.