I want peoples opinions on best ac conditioners

I own a P500 and am looking for advice if to upgrade and if so what to upgrade to. I hear the Audio Magic Stealth and the Shunyata Hydra are supposed to be awesome. The only thing is I like the concept of regenerated constant power.Does constant voltage and/or regenerated power make a significant difference or would a conditioner as the ones I've stated above or similar be a better choice?
you'll find different camps on this- I have had success in the past with balanced power, and have recently upgraded to the Balanced Power Tech BPT 2.5 w internal upgrades- seems to provide a very quiet background with no compromises in dynamics- bass seems tighter as well. Good luck in the search.
Equitech balanced power

the people who designed it

pricey but worth every penny
I have spent a bit of money over the years trying to
address this issue. In the long run, I believe the most
cost effective answer to the problem of AC is to install
dedicated, properly grounded 20 AMP circuits. I have
found that most amplifiers do not like being plugged
into AC conditioners. So, you need separate circuits
for your amplifiers. If you can isolate your digital from
the rest of your system, you will be better off. Right now, I have my amps and sub-woofer plugged into
2 of the dedicated circuits and the rest of my gear is
plugged into a Balanced Power Technologies BP-3.5,
which is plugged into a third dedicated circuit. The BP-3.5 supplies conditioned AC and isolates the components from each other. I can recommend the
Balanced Power Technologies AC conditioner -- it does
a great job. But, if I had a limited budget and wanted to
solve the most problems for the lowest price, I would
still recommend starting with dedicated circuits and
then see if you still feel the need for anything else.
Dedicated circuits really make a huge difference.

Hope that helps.
Tice audio and Ensemble
I am with Rsbeck on this one. The less between your gear and your power the better. It's like the best preamp being a straight wire with gain. Dedicated, well grounded lines, one for your amp(s), another for your front end. Ideally isolate digital from analogue, but we can't always have everything. I have 20 A isolated ground lines, amps plugged into a PS Audio High Current 20A Ultimate Outlet which is plugged directly into a dedicated 20A circuit. A second PS Ultimate for my pre/analogue into a 20A line. Digital is handled by another 20A circuit. Surge and spike protection is taken care of at the service panel via a whole-house surge protection setup, hard wired to the service.

can you elaborate on the whole house surge protection unit???

model, type, cost???

I've auditioned these units for years; they might help anchor your boat but that's about all. However, there is one [Exact Power] which does regenerate the line,it's worth investigation. I have only experienced this unit in systems that were not my own but I must say it was impressive!
Rsback is correct, however I live in a condo and can't do dedicated circuits. I just went from the Tice IIIC HP (very happy with it for a few years) to the newest BPT 2.5 with all internal upgrades. Now that the power cord has broken in (since my original post in this thread), the performance is now elevated with superb results. Keith Jarrett just played a concert in my living room, and the tickets were free...
As I am moving to a house in 2 days and will be able to install a dedicated line, Would it make sense to with the PS Audio?

Sutts, How much is your BPT2.5? From my research I got the impression that it was a good piece but pricey.How does the PS Audio compare to the BPT and the Exact power? I have the P500 power plant.
When I had the dedicated lines run to my room, I was fortunate to have an electrician who really knew his stuff. he suggested using whole house surge protection. It is a basic grey box with status lights that takes up 2 breakers in the service panel. Current must pass through it when it leaves the panel and goes to the branches of the house. It buffers the power by intercepting dips in the power as well as spikes and over-current. It's not a regenerator but a regulator. he thought the idea of running 10 gauge dedicated lines on isolated grounds would be compromised to some degree by mucking them up on the terminal end (my room) by a surge protector would be counter productive. I was also concerned that having to rely on something that might limit current to my amps as well. I still have opted to put the front end and the amps on seperate PS Ultimate Outlets. That way non-limited power is available, while surge protection was taken care of up front. Intermatic makes several models, but there are other brands as well. He only charged 200.00 to do it while he was running the lines into the room. The only drawback is if the unit gets hit really hard once, it must be replaced. Replacement is less than 100.00. Never had it knocked out yet after 18 months.
Mitch- BPT 2.5 with all upgrades- direct from factory price is ~$1,800-$1,900 with 30-day trial (you won't need it), or, you can get it from Underwoodwally (dealer here on Audiogon- Walter Leiderman) for less. Walter is a great guy to deal with as well.
I most definitely agree with Sutts on the BPT's. I purchased a 2.0 with bybee's through Walter and the improvement in dynamics/staging for this east coast apt. dweller was amazing. I added the high current filter later on and highly recommend it as an upgrade. This was my second item bought through Walter!
MY two cents: Remember the goal is to provide your equipment (especially the front end) with AC power that it was designed for. This means a clean sign wave with nminimal or no harmonic distortion AND get rid of any equipment induced noise/distortion within the system.

Suggest you combine Exactpower EP-15A or 20A with Equi=tech 2Q or 2RQw/OFC. This works absolutely wonders top to bottom just like the adds say! Stan
you heard right ...audio magic gets my vote...tell Jerry that Cleon sent you...