I want more from my Rega P5

How can I get more from my Rega P5? My expectation of a modest analog rig exceeding a digital set up is left unfilled. I bought the Rega P5 new with a Dynavector 10x5, a Dynavector pre amp amd Chord Cameleon Silver plus interconnects and put it on a Rega wall stand. I will buy the TT PSU soon, to assure myself I am giving this format a chance. Any advice will be gratefully received.
I could be wrong, but I suspect that your cartridge and even your phono-pre could be holding you back. Any chance of moving up the Dynavector line for a nicer cartridge?
There are two cartridges above the 10X5 that the Dynavector P75 phono pre amp will support, even with an additional circuit available in the pre amp. What would you suggest?
Several things:
1- Dump the plastic subplatter for a machined metal subplater - several to choose from
2- Get a better counterweight - I use a Mitchell but others work too
3- Get a better phono preamp
I am running the P5 with a Dynavector 20XH and a Graham Slee Era Gold phono preamp.

This is my first vinyl rig, so I have no basis for comparison, but I am happy. I haven't checked out the TT PSU, but am interested in seeing if it significantly improves performance.
i reckon your setup would be a little on the 'hi fi' side (as opposed to the warm and groovy side that rega is famous for) with the combination of all those pieces (all of which separately are very good). i never liked the P75 with the 10x5, as i think the P75 sounds good with dyn's low output carts and the circuitry (ya ya, i know theres jumpers) is normalized for those. chord chameleon silver... dont know it, but in general silver is a very fast, very clean, but unless used with inherently very warm equip... tends to sound thin and treble tipped (aka, kimber KCAG).

here's what i use even though i have a completely separate, technically higher end set up.

linn axis, akito 2b arm, shure cartridge, going into an onix OA21 integrated amps phono (from the late 80s/early 90s)... super musical.

technically better rig that is more accurate, but less groovy to me. nottingham interspace, interspace arm, denon 110 and 103 carts into dynavector p75 stage.

just to show people i'm not B'S ing that i like my other rig better... go ahead and make me an offer on my P75 and/or my denon 103 (less than 20 hours on cart)... ill sell em!
The Shelter 301/501 will mate better with the P-75.Use the "enhanced " with these cartridges.The upgrades on the Rega will also help,along with proper footers under the table.
First I would make sure your set-up is correct.... Is the 'table level? Do you have the cart aligned properly? How is the VTA? (you would have to add shims, or some other after market (Teres) fix if it's not).

If all this checks out OK, then start changing things around... I have never been a big fan of the Rega sound, but you should be able to blow away most digital front ends with your rig.

I think one of the first equipment changes I would look for is to get some tubes into the mix. Depending on your budget there are some nice used phono preamps out there for 1-2K. Something like the ARC PH models, Conrad Johnson, etc.

it makes a significant difference. The P5, without the PSU, sounds closer to a P3.
Have to agree that with the comment that the Dynavector 10x5 and P75 combination is a little lackluster. Used both with a Nottingham Spacedeck. I preferred a more dynamic stage (a Plinius Jarrah)with the 10X5. In your case, a good low output MC (Denon, Dyna, Lyra, Shelter etc) will probably be a good move. The denon carts would be an inexpensive option.
Don't waste more of your money--it's upgrade time...
Be sure that you have broken in and set up everything correctly. Phono stages and carts can take a long time to break in especially if there are transformers involved. Start by reading the TWL thread on Rega arm setup (Forums: Strange Tonearm Tweak. Long). Search the other threads as there is an incredible amount of good info among the prognostification (swatin' flies & tellin' lies). "Phono Burn in" & granite audio and reverse RIAA stuff is worth reading etc etc....

Verify VTF & VTA of your arm. Groove tracer arm weight, Cardas (or better)tonearm cable, Funk Firm platter (or others) are other possible upgrades as you need them.

Cartridge wise, if after you check everything and you still want more and you are now knowledgeable with cart setup, try the Denon DL-103 or Dl-103r. "Start with the Dynavector p75 set at 470 ohm, 60db..... great midrange, like a poor mans Koetsu slightly less lush, koetsu may have a touch better flow and romanticism, but I think the denons bass is probably better". Experiment, if needed, with the other p75 settings until you have dialed in the best sound.

There is plenty more gold to be mined at the P5 level

Enjoy your music!%!$!
I would put in wanted ad for Wallytractor allignment tool.Expensive but you know yoiur on mark.Another option that ain't cheap is one of the Ginko Cloud isolation polatforms.Yes a lot of money for acrylic and some lacroisse balls (actually softer) but in Stereophile Fremmer showed who with acclerometer it killed vibes.Maybe a wall mount from traget taht will fit it.Your can do a lot but you could aalso buy a VPI Scout plinth and motor and use the arm you have and get the VPI arm later.Sold Rega and know what your going through.I bought a P3 and hadn't had a table since I was in High School in early 80's (a B&O) and once i heard my PS with a goldring within a fe months I bought a VPI Aries and a decent Grado.Lo'ts of do- dads though like Michel weight etc.But rmeber dollar for dollar your goiung to hear more of the cartridge and phono sectiuon than you will of the table and arm.Might try the new PS Audio GCPH.Has amazing amount of flexiblity and then when you want you can send it Underwoodwally for a hefty makeover/EAR 834 pre used fro $750 will get you tubes and Mitch Singerman can get you a nice NOS 50's/60's tube and re-wire it.Nothing wrong with your brand of cartidge but might not be the one you wanted.Save up and give yourself a thrill.Cheaper the Grado Sonata at $500 ,$750 for HO MC with Sumikop Blackbird,$850 for Shelter 501 (that's what I'd go for) and on and on.P5 is OK but then don't know much about it ,P7or P25.Know that the P9 is as good as it get's if you want a hard ,fast sound but that's quite a bit more.For it ability tyo ad on to a Scout would allow you to 1)addsignature wirring 2)get Scoumaster plinth sandwhitched on 3)add SDS speed controller 4)step up top beter plater and bearing and ad outter clamp ring.But hey for all that just plonk down on a Scoutmaster after you have goten you cartridge and phono stage in order.I believe so much in rig I am going to sell my "he manZ" Extended Aries ($5500 list) to the Scoumaster or Blackknight and use 9" arm (buy a fe extar tubes one extra at least for a mono cartridge),get a Shelter 501 and the SDS plus Gingko platforkm.Only tough one is PS for $1K new or an Aesthetix Rhea for $2500 used.Amp to be chose based on if I keep my $7500 German semi horns.But this analogue rig will not embarass my speakers or any amp up to $3K.Check out PS phono and Hagerman $1500 phono if you could swing it the EAR used if not.Bottom line is it may not be your table but the crat and phono section that need atention befoe you spend on the P5 which you may find is all that you need with maybe a few modest ad ons like a counterweight etc.

I had a huge improvement in sound by placing my TT on a maple platform. For less than $75 my sound went from good to where I cannot stop listening. Admittedly, it was already way better than any digital I have heard, but I suspect your Rega will also benefit tremendously.

Shoot me an email and I will forward you some photos.

Regas are extremely sensitive to being absolutely level. When slightly out of level the sound can be harsh. I guess this is due to rocking in the main bearing. So make sure it's absolutely level.

Also, since you bought it has it ever been stored in a manner that might allow any oil to leak from the bearing ? Regas also are very sensitive to having adequate oil in the bearing, of a sufficient viscosity.

I think the power supply may be a good upgrade as speed stability is critical in LP replay, but unfortunately speed stability is not the strongest element of the Rega.
I can't recall whether or not the P5 uses a Rega RB300 tonearm. If it does an upgrade to a Michell TecnoArm (a heavily modified RB250) would be in order. I firmly believe that it is a world-class tonearm at a budget price, and is capable of getting the best out of much more expensive cartridges than have been mentioned here.

Just adding a modified weight or getting a rewire is not enough. The Michell mods are the whole deal.
some upgrades fo me on an NAD533 which is a cloned P2 have been:

Michel Technoweight (end stub and counterweight)
replaced feet with isopod feet/cones
TWL Strange Tonearm Tweak (search this forum for that one)
DeepGroove subplatter
Teflon arm wrap
DIY spotmat

Each change brought about noticeable improvements and together the sound has brought about better definition overall and on attack/decay, detail, dynamics, 'swing' aka PRaT.

Have a look at this: Rega Review
The P5 uses the RB700, an evolution of the RB600 on the P25.
Twochannel guy, I can only offer from my experience. I upgraded my P5/RB700 to Incognito wiring. I found nice improvement there. Later, I upgraded to the TT-PSU. In my opinion, this is a mandatory upgrade...it elevated the table's performance significantly. It's a nice table with the TT-PSU, wall shelf, and proper setup. If you can't do a wall shelf, buy an Ikea Lack table top and screw some cones into it and set this on your rack with the Rega on top. I used this before the wall shelf and it also worked. The P5 is a nice table. Enjoy!
What is it that you feel your analog setup lacks in comparison to your digital rig?