I want it all

Anybody know of a tube integrated that has a decent phono stage built in? I've got a buddy that wants it all: tubes sticking out the top all glowing and looking cool, a minimum of 35 wpc and a slightly above average phono stage all in one box. Super happy family plusses would include at least 3 inputs (besides the aforementioned phono stage), remote control and a sub/pre out. I told him it'll never happen - if anybody out there can prove me wrong, please do. Thanks
How about the Unison Research Unico?


My friend has one. Sounds terrific!
Very nice, very nice - but no super cool looking tubes sticking out of the top. In the dark this thing would not create the romanic shadows that I believe my friend is seeking. I've actually owned this particular piece (although not with the optional phono stage) and was very pleased. Thanks for the input.
The Rogue Cronus integrated may have everything he is looking for.
Glossiest audio porn tube integrated with phono - VAC Phi Beta. No contest.

Runner-up - McIntosh MA2275. Take off the cover and let the tubes be seen. Cool.
A VAC Super Avatar. No longer in production, but used ones come up every so often. Stunning looks and sound.
i would second the rogue. an incredible value
That Rogue Cronus is indeed a fine looking piece. I love the sunken pre-tubes. It's got a real wack-a-mole vibe going on. The VAC and McI are both great options too. A local retailer has the McI in stock. We'll go get a listen. Thanks for all the input.