i want better preamp than levinson no.26

my system:amp:levinson 23.5
preamp:levinson no.26
cd player:bat vkd5se
speakers:sonus faber extrema
i'm looking for a preamp to replace the levinson 26.
i heard the cary 98, krell krc3, threshold t2 but...
i want to try the bat 30se.
how do you think it will sound on my system?
or you have another pre to tell me ?
(also i need an advice about ac powercords to my system)
I really like my Air Tight ATC-3 tube preamp. It is fast, musical and extended. It also has lots of guts! I use a Tara Decade power cord on it, but it has been discontinued. I use the Tara Air power cord from the wall to my power filter, which then feeds the rest of my system. To me, the Tara is extremely neutral and extended, however, many other brands have also been well received here at Audiogon. Power cords are definitely a 'try before you buy' proposition.
Hi, I have the BAT VK30SE and love it, but I have no idea how it would sound in your system. I have it w/an ARC VT100 Mk III and a Marantz SACD-1 player, and I use Ensemble interconnects and power cords. It all sounds fantastic, in my opinion. The BAT is the most versatile, user friendly preamp I have ever owned, and has a huge blue LED display (that can be turned off) that you can see from 50 ft away. All input sources can be volume matched, and you can name each source as you see fit (using 4 letters or fewer). The tubes are the new 6H30's which should last for 10,000 hrs or so. I find the sound rich, warm, and detailed, but of course that is a function of everything else in my system too. But for user friendliness, versatility, flexibility, and maintenance the VK30SE can't be beat. It replaced an ARC LS-15 preamp in my system and I prefer it by far.
Good luck,
ps I bought mine used on Audiogon for a good price.