I want a warmer high end

My Paradigms (yes I know - not the best choice) are still bright in the upper mid and high rages and I'm ready to move on. Maybe I just really dislike anything forward as well.

So, any advice would be great. I need stand mounted monitors and I have an excellent Velodyne sub. Used price point would ideally be below $500.
My Paradigms Studio/60 v.2 were too bright with neutral Rowland 102 (class D) and Benchmark DAC1. I bought Hyperion HPS-938 and now it is heaven. Sound is very dynamic and detailed but somehow laid back and relaxed. All CDs sound musical now. Midrange is incredible. Hyperion makes 586 speaker http://hyperionsound.com/hws-586.htm

that is on sale here cheap (scratched stock B only 3-4 month old) for $350: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrmoni&1271440489&/Hyperion-586-great-monitors---

Person who sells them owns larger HPS-938 (same as mine)

review is here: http://www.stereotimes.com/speak061506.shtml

Low/Midrange driver looks the same as my midrange driver. Very interesting technologies. They removed suspension (spiderweb) and made coil very large. Speaker uses ferrofluid for damping. This driver covers range 200Hz-3kHz in my Hyperions so it looks like they stretched it to 50Hz and lowered max power ratings from 200W to 100W.
"Warmth" is usually indicative of a boost in the midrange. To ask for a "warmer high end" doesn't make much sense, but I think I know what you mean because you describe it well in your first sentence. You might want to indicate what amp you are using as it could be part of the problem (or all of it for that matter). The amp>speaker interface is pretty important. Also, which Paradigms are you using? Integrating a single sub, no matter how good the sub, is often a tricky thing to accomplish well, and could also be part of the problem. The short answer is I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the speakers are the problem.

Simple answers to a sub-$500 monitor suggestion can be found searching the archives, but I would look further into what the problem is before throwing money in that direction.
Jax2 is correct. So many factors. A real cheap fix could be a wool surround around the tweeter which sill dampen cabinet refraction. Amp/cables/wall material/wall treatment. It goes on and on......
Agreed, some of the Paradigm models can be a bit bright, although my older Atoms (Version 2?) are pretty mellow and rolled off in the highs. Another monitor that might float your boat is the Silverline Audio Minuet ($600/pr list, street price somewhat lower). With a sub, these should make a nice full range system. They are not really rolled-off in the treble, but they are quite smooth, IMO, and have a little of Silverline's trademark dip in the "brightness" range (~4-8kHz). I've also read that the Aperion monitors, which use soft-dome tweeters are a bit on the warm side, but can't say this from hearing the current models (but older models did indeed sound a bit warmish).

Away from those, focus on non-metal tweeters (soft domes) and/or look for speakers that don't have a crossover above 2kHz or below 6kHz (which would be unusual in a multi-way design).
I was experiencing the same problem.On the advice of several members here,I switched to a speaker with a fabric dome tweeter,problem solved.Good luck.
Listen to CDs that are not bright. I have about five of them. There aren't many out there.
Also a previous Paradigm Studio 60 v.2 owner. They were too bright for me, irritating really. I never really tried some of the advice mentioned above so it may work for you.
As for speaker recommendations, I'll give you the three models I found to be the best in your price range. First on my list is the Soliloquy 5.0 monitors, these are extremely fine speakers at the used prices. The main problem with them is the company is long out of business. Next on the list is the Quad 12L2. These are very good for $500. Very smooth sound and if you like a glossy finish, they have a superb one. Lastly, I like the Polk Audio LSi7. I bought a refurbished pair from Polk on ebay for less than $300; absolutely perfect condition. Good luck with your search.
If these are metal dome tweeters,that may be the problem. Paradigm has had a lot of different sounding speakers through the years.
Jdombrow has a good idea - try Cardas ICs - the best (used) in the line you can afford. (Disclaimer - I have a pair for sale.)
Have you experimented with "footers" under your components that can tame the forwardness and the high end?

I've done a lot of system tuning and every footer alters the sound differently.

In your case 30 Durometer Sorbothane hemispheres or Herbie's "Tenderfeet" might be just the ticket. It is shocking at times what good system tuning can do to change the sound of your system. "Softer" materials like the two listed above, in conjunction with mass loading your components would almost surely get you much closer to the sound you desire.

The best news is that all of this is inexpensive!
warmth is usually a boost in the lower frequencies, i.e., the upper bass to the lower midrange. sometimes (unwanted) cabinet resonances can accomplish that result, but , obviously, the consequence may have some undesirable affects.

aaas has been suggested, associated equipment is a consideration, but so is auditioning other speakers in your price range. do you really want a paeak in the lower frquencies ?. another way is to find a speaker with a different spectral balance in the lower treble. i can't recommend any, but auditioning a variety will help