I want a streamer

I want a music streamer, don't need a dac. Suggestions please! 
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Antipodes, a New Zealand company so the exchange rate is probably advantageous to you too.
Hard to beat the Chromecast Audio .

Using Bubbleupnp on android not only will it stream from Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer etc but it will also stream ANY music you have stored on a NAS on the same network.

Yes Google discontinued them early this year but still plenty of new ones on eBay between $35 and $45.

Mine cost $40 shipped and no matter what you might read it WILL stream 24/192.
I use a 3.5mm to Toslink and feed it into a DAC. If you do not have a DAC you can use a 3.5mm to dual stereo RCA cable. Both work perfectly well.
Since you already have the Primaluna Evo gear talk to Kevin about a Lumin U1 Mini.
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I had the Bluesound Node and found it good until I tried and purchased the Lumiin D2 streamer. If you can swing the $2300.00 new I feel it's worth it. You may find it used but it won't last long on the used market.
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Please get a LUMIN A1- you will not believe the sound quality - stream Tidal and download any MQA music file! I use the Apple interface to control the LUMIN. It is very user friendly.  I recommend Diana Krall, Judy Collins , any vocal you like. The resolution , sound stage, high end - thru my Magnepans is unbelievable!! Vinyl and CDs are in big trouble. Streaming has reached a level using MQA that is amazing - and LUMIN is top of the line in delivering this quality to the home audiophile.
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I use to have a Bluesound Node 2 and was very happy. I since got rid of it since ROON has Qobuz. I just go direct USB to my dac. The internal DAC of the Node2 is excellent for the price. I believe Bluesound and NAD are pretty tight, so maybe some crossover tech
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Node 2i, can be used as preamp  or into your own dac
I use the LUMIN A1 which has the DAC built in but the U1 is just the streamer. I am totally blown away by the sound of my LUMIN. 
I personally use a Naim NDX, which is a streamer/DAC.  I only use the streaming portion as I have an MSB Analog DAC.  It works flawlessly, has a great DAC of its own, and IMHO, the free Naim streaming app is superior to Roon is several ways.  First, no Roon fees or Roon core required, so no $120/yr. Second, the Naim app works glitch free, and although it is not as comprehensive as Roon, it provides a lot of nice write-ups on albums. Third, sound quality seems the same.  Fourth, I find it easier to locate the album that I want to listen to than Roon, as the albums are displayed in an alphabetical list by artist, as you have set up in your folder.  Fifth, works like a charm with my server, so no special maneuvers are required, unlike Roon.  Sixth, there is no drain on resources on the computer, unlike Roon, which must be running 24/7 in the background.  So, bottom line, the Naim is an excellent streamer and the control app is excellent!
Iuse this with an iPad. It has a coax output. I run it thru a Accuphase DP-55 DAC in my cd player. Down load the apps and stream Bluetooth. Takes some time. it comes from China

I’m under the distinct impression streaming is for the same folks that got heavy vested in CDs but wanted the same mediocre sound with even less hassle. 
Use your Smartphone or tablet.  No need for expensive special streaming devices.
The Lumin U1 is the best streamer (no DAC) I have used in my system. 
I replaced my Oppo 205 with the Cocktail Audio X45.  I could not be more pleased with both the sound and functionally of X45.  The feature rich component is simply incredible. 

Its a High-resolution Audio Player and DAC, which is featured by Dual Sabre³² Reference DAC chips built-in, CD Ripper, Music Server, Network Streamer, Music Recorder, and much more.  More info at:


I could not be happier.

Lumin all the way.  I have had two.  The A1 and now the X1.  The Lumin AP is fantastic and super easy to use.  The sound is awesome.  
That's a shame about chromecast audio.  THe latest Cambridge audio streamer has it built in, though.  Works better than the dongle, actually.
A good place to start is researching the control point app/software. 
I chose Simaudio Moon Moind 2 because I likr their control app and
 it is Roon compatible for another option. It is a very good sounding streamer and can get even better with a re-clocker. 
Chromecast Audio was great
Allo Digione Signature + Volumio.
Pick one from Innuos in your price range and and give it a listen.
Chromecast Audio has been discontinued.
Had the Node 2 and the Node 2i. For a fraction of the price and better sound (imo) get a Klipsch Gate for $30 bucks off Amazon or for $150 get the Power Gate which is a streamer and integrated amp utilizing class d hypex modules. I dont use the amp section but I do like the added features like Bluetooth, sub out, analog inputs as well as usb and optical. 

For the money and the return policy it’s worth a shot.
""Price range?"

What about a Chromecast Audio for $35.
Another vote for Bluesound Node 2i.
Cocktail Audio X35. It streams, it rips CDs, it handles vinyl, it has every input and output imaginable, including a decent 100 W/Ch amp. Did I mention it has a HDD sled so you can choose whatever size of disk you want up to 4+ TByte? And a nice big LCD display.  
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There is a streamer for every budget. You may also decide what you want that streamer to do. Do you want it to be a Roon core or a Roon endpoint? Maybe you don’t care about Roon at all. What about High Res or MQA? Can you control it via an app? What’s the app like? Do you need to buy it new or is it available on the secondary market?
Having said all that, on the low end is a Sonos Connect. Up from there is a BluSound Node 2i. I have both. The Node 2i is definitely better to me than the Sonos. But they are both Roon endpoints, which is important to me because I eventually want to subscribe to Roon. 

But you need a Roon core. There are other choices of streamers that also serve as Roon cores. There is of course, the Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+, Innuos Zen, Zenith and Statement unit’s, Wolf and others. 

So figure out what you want your streamer to do, what capabilities it should have, and what price range you want to be in. 
Bluesound Node2i great for internet streaming and fantastic with Roon setup on your computer or NAS to stream all your flac or DSD files. I use a Qnap TVS series NAS which runs Roon easily, it also runs Plex which catalogues and trans-codes all my video library.
Another route, for maximum flexibility, look at the Sonores.   https://www.sonore.us/index.html