I want a new to me CD player but need to have HDCD decoding capability

My CD player is now over 20 years old and I play 2/3 vinyl to 1/3 CD. We only stream in the kitchen and the master bedroom. Because I love an amount of music on CD that was encoded HDCD, including a complete set of Dick's Picks, I have to have HDCD decoding capability. The best sounding CD players that meet that need that I have heard have been EAD and Cary machines though I am almost sure that there are others that would be equally good, but I have been unable to sort out what machines actually have the capability The list over on Steve Hoffman's site is too partial and I have understood that for instance some ARC players had the capacity but don't know which models, same with some of the Sony machines. NAD did on some models but I didn't really like their overall sound that much. Often sellers don't really know. Can anyone here help? Thanks.
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AFAIK Oppo 105 does. If you are handy you can make a gigantic upgrade by getting a LPM from ebaye. I did this, plus replaced the IEC and a jumper to bypass the 110/220 switch (both on ebaye)
I might have 1-2 HDCD discs, but no idea which ones. If you are interested, let me know
Not sure what your budget is, but there’s a Spectral unit which decodes HDCD for sale on this site from The Music Room (no affiliation). I believe that the Spectral player was designed in part by Keith Johnson, who did the HDCD recordings for Reference Recordings and was involved in development of the process.

I want a new to me CD player but need to have HDCD decoding capability

@oldbear, search here under PMD100 you’ll find 133 units that use this hdcd chip.
And then search the later PMD200 you’ll find 33 units that use this hdcd chip.


Cheers George