i want a buy my first MC, MC252 or MA6600 ?

Hi, i want buy a MC machine.
(my first MC)
i see MC252 (power) and MA6600 (integrated)
i have a pre bryston 11B.
Pre MA6600 is better than my pre bryston ?
i think i can use my 11b + MC252
MA6600 is better than MC252 ? (quality sound)

thank you, im sorry for my english.,

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thank you Glen!

ask: a pre MA6600 (inside) is similar to C45 C46 or more cheap?
please i need a good recomendation, tomorrow i need choise about this:
* MA6600
* MC252

I read that the first has better sound
this is true ?
i need choise tomorrow.
another option is MC252 + c45 (but +u$3500) justified?
hi, i have bought a MA7000.