I wan't the best in this price range

Hello FriendsI'm after new speakers, with bass and slam??.my music taste, is rock, new wave, rock jazz, mail vocals etc!!At the moment I'm running a pair of Zu, souls MK 2, they were great with a tube amp, but I'm running them though a pair of Solid State mono blocks, 175 ohm per mono block, the sound is a bit on the harsh sound overall, but not on all recordings!!I have two, speakers, that I would think, would do the job, I will list them below!!, just keep in mine, I only listen to two channel music, not home theartre !!
1. Golden Ear Triton fives2. Definitve Technology BP 9060Both of these are available in Australia!!3. Eminent Technology  LFT-8bIf I just open a can of worms, so be itFriends Whats your thought'sRegardsDavid
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I think you will need to listen, evaluate, and decide for yourself no one here can tell you what you will prefer in your Music Reproduction System.
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You stated you wanted the best in a price range but did not state the range. That notwithstanding, the best is very subjective based on many, many factors. It is highly unlikely that you will get a consensus here. The first answer here is the most logical if you are looking to be happy with your choice.
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I have tried Zu Union's (earlier than the Souls) and Omen Bookshelves.
Both were close, but never as good as Vandersteens.
I thought having a non-crossover design might be a positive, but found the time and phase aligned speaker to be much more desirable.
 If you like the Zu's,
I would give the Vandy's a listen.
You can't go wrong with ACT, try the SCM50 PSLT (passive) or if you can afford it the SCM50 ASLT (active) I just spent 3 hours last Friday at Axpona listening to both of these and they just blew me away if I could afford them I would buy them in an instant.You need to listen to these and they are available in Australia.
You can read what I wrote about the LFT-8B at Dagogo.com
This panel is distinctly different than the others. May not rock as hard, but more high end sensibility, imo. If I had a hard limit of 2K the one I owned would likely be the LFT-8B
Not knowing your budget but your taste, I'd take a look at JBL. The new L100 and the 4319 are the exact same price but I'd lean towards the L100 since it has a pulp paper midrange driver like it's base unit. 

I have the 4319 which uses Mag/Al for the mid and tweeter units and all is well but I'd like to hear the L100 nonetheless. They're both speakers that you can "set and forget' and just enjoy the music.

All the best,
Why are you blaming the speakers for being harsh? It could be caused by your amps/dacs/cartridge or any source that you might be using. 
The goldenears could well smooth out the harshness. I'm very satisfied with my triton 2's. I would recommend buying a pair used as they would likely fit your price range. The t5's with a sub would be nice too.
Some good recommendations here already but don’t forget UK speakers they have some of the best and long-standing brands.You will be wowed by Proac and Harbeth, I use Rega RS10’s they are outstanding, Tannoy also make some outstanding speakers
Thanks for your inputDefinitive Technolgy, or Goldenear Triton 5.Re the above, I don't want any alternative solutions!!I mean is it so hard??, I love deep fast powerful bass, with sweet highs, here I go again!!1. Golden ear Triton 5 V's
2. Definitive Technology BP 9060I/m a lover of two channel music!!Whats your choice??Please consider I live in the far south coast, of Australia, the nearest Hi Fi shop, is five hours drive, from hereMany ThanksDavid Spry
What are your options in Australia?  What is available?  I know you pay triple or double compared to US and Europe.  What about Australian made speakers,  why Import if you can get local.  My drive is not five hours like yours, but I have driven five or six hours to buy speakers.  Lot's of free or discounted shipping in the states, we have it easy.  I like Def-Tech better than Golden Ear.  Good luck on your speaker journey.
The recommendation of an Australian brand brings to mind the Red Gum line of products. I also reviewed for Dagogogo.com the Red Gum Articulata Integrated Amp. Very cool piece with stunning power to drive ESL speakers. 

You could look at the Red Gum Amplifolia range of speakers. You may need supplemental subwoofer with them. But, that could be added with time. I haven't heard the Red Gum speakers, but they appear to be designed according to well received template of smaller floor standing speakers with fine reputation such as Pro Ac.
my music taste, is rock, new wave, rock jazz, mail vocals etc!!At the moment I’m running a pair of Zu, souls MK 2, they were great with a tube amp, but I’m running them though a pair of Solid State mono blocks, 175 ohm per mono block, the sound is a bit on the harsh sound overall, but not on all recordings!!
You do realize that solid state amps are known for harshness, right?? That simple fact is why tubes are still in production. That simple fact is what has driven the tubes/transistors debate on the Internet since its inception! The reason has to do with how tube amps and solid state amps make distortion.

Solid state has a lot less distortion; the problem is the masking principle of the human ear/brain system. The lower ordered harmonics are kept at a low level but the higher ordered harmonics not so much. In a tube amp, while it overall has more distortion, the presence of the lower orders *masks* the presence of the higher orders. This allows tubes amps to generally be smoother sounding and for whatever reason, bring out more detail and soundstage palpability.

Now I should point something out here: **it does not matter what sort of music you play!** Electronics do not favor one type over another- this is one of the biggest myths in audio. I design amps that get good reviews and awards in the high end press. I listen to rock, ambient, electronia, ethnic folk, classical- all sorts of music: if an amp or speaker is really good at one genre, it will be good at **all** genres because all the same things are needed to be good regardless of genre.

IMO/IME if you change out speakers to get rid of harshness, you’ll flush a lot of money down the loo, as it will still be harsh because the amplifier is the issue, not the speaker. If you like smoother sound with plenty of detail, you’ll need to get a tube amp. They can play plenty of slam- especially on ZU Audio speakers which are easy to drive.

Agree with atmasphere. Under your current strategy you’re just chasing your tail and chewing up $$$$$$$. Zu‘s just don‘t require 175W solid state amps unless you are into inducing hearing loss. Toss the monos and see if you can get your old amps back.
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Mail vocals? 175 ohm per mono block?
Hello frendsI just want, the best""1.Definitve Technology BP 9060, BP 9040!!Or should I go the
2. Golden ear Triton 5's3 Antholy Gallo, 3.1, or 3,5, with bass amp??
I want bass that is deep, to suite my music, winch is Rock, new wave, reggea, heavy jazz rock, with male vocals??I wish to choose between the two??, which are in my price range!! I dont want any other speakers, to choose from??
Friends, what are your thoughts
Just as a question... I’m sure you tried different angles, tilts and room positions for the zu to see if you could eliminate the harshness???

OK,  you have mentioned bass several times so it would seem that the zu must seem bass shy?  My experience has been that sometimes, when highs and lows are not proportionate, things can seem overly bright on some recordings. 

The BP 9060s with their built in subs probably give you the best chance to get the bass where you want it.... which may well reduce some of the perceived harshness. 

I’m  pretty sure the gallos sound good... and better with added subs... but how do you ever get them fixed if there is a problem??

Personally, I'd recommend the Triton 3+ over the DT's or the Triton 5's here and this is why: I know the 3+'s are 500 USD/pair more than the 5's, but I highly suspect the 3+'s will perform better at the frequency extremes than the others you're considering (deep, clean, powerful bass...check!)...in that sense, you may be getting the whole enchilada presentation-wise. And they image great. Plus they have a gain adjustment you can make to tailor them to your room and taste with the built-in subs...something you don't get with the 5's. That would open the way for you to sell your ss amps and get yourself a nice-sounding, used, low-powered tube amp for the mids and highs (say goodbye, I think, to the harshness)...or a nice, simple receiver, if that's how you roll. Either would prove to be an excellent match for the 3+'s and the 3+ would then give you everything you've been asking for here, I'd say.
I think the whole "decide for yourself" thing is a bad idea...you should avoid the entire issue and just get a good guitar. I can recommend some of those. Like male vocals?...just sing something (if you're male). Problem solved.
Zu Soul's shouldn't be harsh. I owned the Union and the Omen Bookshelf and neither had any trace of harshness. They had 'slam', too.
If you really want punch, then go for Undertones or any good subwoofer.
I think Atmasphere and others are correct. You have issues either with the amp or preamp or both.
Triton 5s don't even have woofers. You're not going to be satisfied with the bass coming from a pair of 6" mids.  That's why I recommended the t2's used. Or buying a sub to go with the t5's. If you can,post to agon forum then you should be able to purchase here too. Buy some used t2's or t1's and rejoice in the music. Even t3's would greatly improve the bass levels.