I've strayed....

So after looking for some time at what tube gear to purchase




and coming really close to a PrimaLuna and a Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated amp, I ended up with a McIntosh C-28 pre-amp and an MC-2105 Amp.

Partly because my current speakers are (from what I've read here) not really tube friendly, partly because I can tube either piece in the future partly because I've read great things about this combination and partly because I've always wanted McIntosh gear.

With that out of the way, what else do I need to know or should I just have at it, set up the gear, start listening and begin tweaking or... is there a methodology for optimizing sound like start with flat tone controls, position speakers, once speakers provide you with xyz, adjust the bass until... etc.

As always, thanks in advance.

If the speaks aren't tube friendly, then don't use tubes....simple rule but effective.

Tubes for sure are not the only game in town when it comes to high end audio.

Plus you save likely extra maintenance and expense down the road not having to deal with tubes, which for me carries some weight. Quality replacement tubes are getting to be quite expensive, hurting the value proposition. I'd rather spend my time listening to music.
You do realize that you might have picked the ss amps that might most behave like a typical tube amp? If your speakers really aren't tube friendly, you might not have picked the most appropriate ss amp.
It's not tubes and it's not solid state It's McIntosh.
I think you will be happy with the "vintage" Mac gear. It is warm enough and has autoformers so I think it will work with your speakers.
The set up is the usual "Cardas" triangle, which is simple . You should place the listening sweetspot at the apex of a triangle as follows. The distance between the speakers is the distance to the listener. As an example place the speakers 8 feet apart and your chair 8 feet away from the speakers at the midpoint between them. Toe them in as needed for best soundstage, in a trial and error fashion.
It's those autoformers that make the Mac's behave more like tube amps.
I think the next step is take your best shot at initial setup and spend some time listening to a variety of music.

Then post back here with your findings in regard to what sounds good or what might need improvement still and I'm sure you will get lots of good feedback.

Getting to the "ultimate sound" is an evolutionary thing, not a "big bang". The key is to continue in the right direction as best as possible each step along the way until you reach your destination. Eventually then you wil get there sooner rather than later (hopefully, much sooner).
You don't mention what speakers you have. Any reason?

Anyhow, try to be sure there is a significant difference between each speaker and the front and side walls. The same distance will give an unsmooth bass response. A difference of 40% is recommended. Also, you can move them closer or farther away from the walls to get more or less bass. I was just reading Avalon's speaker placement recommendations, and they recommend the following relative ratio from wall to speaker to speaker to wall: 4-10-4. These formulae may not all work together, but they are things to try.
Not far enough. Please check out the cayin/vas product line, great sound, great value.
sorry Speakers are B&W 602S3's
Buconero117, thanks but no thanks. Why would I turn around a sell these items to go with another brand? If you have a suggestion with regards to a speaker placement (brand/model) for the existing equipment, I am more than interested, if not, thanks again and have a nice day.