I've only used homemade cables.But Im ready for an upgrade

I have a Meridian transport/263 DAC. Linn Majik/LK-85 bi-amping Linn Tukans. (this will all be active someday.)
I have only used homemade interconnects in the Kimber-style braid (sound better than PBJ!). And Ton's of metal braided-style speaker-cable.
I'm ready for an upgrade. As I have always made my cables, I have never tried anything else on the market. I dont even know what price range I should be looking in, in order to beat my diy cables.
I need some advice from some of you who have cable experience! I want something detailed, but very open and airy.
Read the thread titled "Sakura Systems OTA Cable Kit".
Cables made by someone else may not sound better than the ones you make yourself. Study the techncial issues further and dream up your own improvements. It can be much more rewarding in every way.

The only reason I would buy cables is if I did not have the time to mess around. In that case I would work with some of the used cable places to audition numerous brands before I purchased. There are many that would be willing to work with you on this.

All this said...your ears and the current level of WAF should be your primary guides.

Contact Bob Cohen at www.fatwyre.com for guidance regarding cable suggestions within the context of your equipment in use, as well as for demo cables available for rental/tryout at a very reasonable fee which is also applicable to any eventual purchase.
Other than consistency of construction, "mass produced" cables have NO inherent superiority over "homebrew" cables. With careful selection of parts, proper design and solid construction, it is VERY possible that your "backwoods" attempt at cable building may be much better than what you can buy for 10 times the price.

I would suggest looking at the grade of components ( wire, connectors, solder, etc... ) and the geometries that you're using and go from there. Since you've already got the skills to assemble cables and the tools to do it with, it would be foolish to pay someone else to build you a more expensive product that probably uses inferior parts. Sean
pick up a copy of the super cables cook book. you can improve on your home brews at a fraction of the cost. foils on your speakers will sound better. 40 gauge magnet wire (single strands) will better your current interconnects. (the silver foil ic's and speaker cable are really good)

good luck