I've never believed much in cables, that said... (USB)

So, in 30+ years of being an audio geek of sorts I've never believed much in cables.  I've always felt once it's a decent gauge and quality (think basic Mogami XLR's and Canare 4s11 speaker) that they don't make much of a difference.  I do try occasionally and try to read the science to see if it makes sense.  

Over the years there have been a couple cables I thought MIGHT have been different (not better or worse, but different).

1.  Gregg Straley Reality cables - these are a solid core and I believe he cryo's them.  I felt the speaker cables MIGHT have brightened things up a bit.  60/40 on if they did, but I'm pretty sure they did.

2.  PS Audio AC3 power cables on my amp.  I inherited this cable with a used amp purchase so said what the hell, I'll try it.  Don't think it did a thing on the pre-amp.  But, with two different amps, I THINK it opened up the soundstage a bit.  Reading about it, I think that the whole highs/lows shapes of cables doesn't make a lot of sense.  But I did think it might make a big enough difference.  For what I essentially paid for it - I kept it and use it.  If anything it looks cool and does stay in the outlet with a vice like grip.  

That said.

Just got my first outboard DAC (oppo sonica) and started with a cheap USB cable then tried an audioquest cinnamon, clearly a difference to me.  I was shocked (and bummed in some ways). But it was obvious, so I tried an audioquest carbon - and yes, again I'm pretty darn sure I heard a difference and it was better.  Everything did have more separation and clarity without being brighter (which is what I thought speaker cables might have done).  This was clear.  It still makes little sense to me (0's and 1's).  I've tried to look at tests like at ASR... but man it's the first time I really felt I can hear a difference.  

Might try the PS audio power cord on the dac, but that means changing on the amp... so not sure if it would be fair or not!
You’re asking the wrong guy. I don’t listen for, or value, soundstage, or imaging. 
I don’t listen for, or value, soundstage, or imaging.
Then you're in the wrong thread lols.
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With all the talk on USB cables I've never read anything like this take on the hows and whys USB cables works:https://6moons.com/audioreview_articles/audiocadabra/

It's a review of a USB cable that has a short, easy to read primer that'd take a minute to read.

These two staff writers, Marja & Henk, of 6moons, always breaks things down in terms that are easy to follow.

All the best,