I've got a mcintosh mx110 that's been sitting ...

Sitting for over 1 year. I've finally got a chance toget some mac250 amps .I want to hook the mc250s mono ... To my infinity kappa7s. Thru my mx110 preamp. Do I need to bring my tube pre amp on to variac it up to power or can I plug and go. The mx110 worked great when put on storage. Thanks for any input.
If I had a variac I would use it, better safe than sorry and it can't hurt anything.
A cheap way to do it is to power it on for only a moment. Say less than a second. That will allow some A/C juice to get in and start forming the caps, but not enough to make them 'pop' if in bad form.
Them, after maybe ten minutes, repeat and leave on for say two seconds. Same thing wait for about ten minutes, then turn it on. It should be fine with this preconditioning.
One year sitting won't hurt the capacitors. You should be able to power it on with no problem. However, if you are nervous. Take it to a repair shop and ask them to power it on with a variac.

If this is an original MX 110 and the filter capacitors in the power supply have not been replaced, I would be careful running the preamp- startup on a variac and take and hour to bring it to full voltage- but I would regard its use as very temporary until the caps are replaced.

The power transformer is what is at risk, but certainly in any event the preamp will not sound its best, even if it seems to sound OK.
It's original z series ...
In use just over 16 months ago...
Sounded greAt then ... I appreciate all input
Thanks brett