I've discovered the link to perfect sound

I'm so excited that I just had to post this!

I've been an audiophile since long before the term was ever thought of. It began over 40 years ago listening 78's and LP's to my parents Zenith with it's 12" speaker. My interest was then channeled to my working my way through dental school in the 60's at a store called Custom Audio. Since that time I have constantly and progressively searched for the Holy Grail of sonic reproduction.

The search made a big jump with a big McIntosh/Bozak system. I then went the double AR-LST's (later called Cello Amati's). Then I discovered the greatness of Krell; and then B&W800's.

I have now progressed to actively biamped B&W800's driven by Krell. But it is my last acquisition that has progressed my system to perfection. ... new interconnects:

Silent Audio's APOLLO A

Last night I sat down and put on an SACD; Beethoven's violin concerto with Anne-Sophie Mutter. I have never heard any recording of anything sound so real. IT WAS PERFECT! I can't tell you how many times I opened my eyes and was stunned to not see a violin in front of me.

I sit eighth row directly in front of the soloist at the symphony. This was the same! I could use all kinds of words that we have heard over and over to describe the sound, but nothing can describe it better than: I heard a violin in front of me, period.

I am so excited that I want to listen to all my CD's over again with this interconnect.

PS> You can access the web site at:
Richard, I'll be curious to know if you are still this excited in a week or two. I say this because I have had the experience, more than once, of putting in a new interconnect and thinking that everything had finally clicked (MAGIC!), only to find it a fleeting nirvana. I have no idea why this is so, but it's happened several times over the years. Hopefully, your newfound great sound will have legs.

Dan, I know what you mean, but:

This is not the first time I've listened to the cable. I have had it for several months. For one reason or another, the performance has improved over time.

My father had Bozaks. I wanted the cabinets for their furniture quality alone. I have never seen their like again. He had Thorens, Marantz (purchased from Saul himself) and Fischer. I still have a thousand of his records. 801 was my first real speaker. So I guess you have more than a long history to calm the hysteria of new finds. You have been used to quality evolving. Thanks for the link.
Thats great BUT there is no perfect "FI". I have gone through hundreds of cables and my sound continually gets better and thats after 45 years in the hobby. Oh, and I forgot to mention 100's of amps, speakers, preamps, cartridges, tables, transports, DACs...