I've $4k to spend on used speakers for big room

I'm looking for a pair of speakers for a relatively large room wtih vaulted ceilings. The room has a very unusual dome shape, and seems to be a nice venue for a good pair of speakers (you can see the room in my virtual system). I had great success with Audio Physic Virgo II, moved to Focal JM Lab Diva Utopia Be, and then downsized am currently using my roommate's Definitive Audio Mythos. Just to mentin, I've tried horns (Acuhorn Biancore 155) and hated them.

My current amp is Red Wine Audio 30.2, which is a 30wpc battery powered class T amp. It's quite nice, and may be nicer still if I can match it to the right speakers, but I'm not married to it. That said, I'm open to an eventual amp change if necessary (up to $4k by the end of the year). I use the system mostly for music but also for watching DVDs. I may add a sub later if required too, but no time soon. Music taste is very broad - mostly rock, but some classical and pop. I like a system that is dynamic, subtle with great imaging (loved the virgos for this) and one that presents a great degree of air and delicacy. I like visceral power and impact, but not if it's colored or imposing. I like good bass, but only if it's controlled, integrated well and in it's place.

I know these speakers are quite different and I haven't heard most of them, but i've considered:
Tyler Linbrook (some available used nearby - I live in SF Bay Area)
Audio Physic Virgo II or III (haven't heard III and not sure if they would be better than the II)
Emerald Physics
Living Voice

Any insights or opinions greatly appreciated, especially from those who have similar rooms and/or have heard some fo the above speakers, but any opinions on best used speakers for my $4k would be apprecaited.

big speakers for big rooms...duntech, dunlavy, atc, chapman, proac, hales, certain jbl, klipsch, aerial 10, avalon
A pair of Thiel 7s or 7.2s can be gotten for around that kind of money these days, but it would require a real hefty ss amp for sure.

Anthony Cordesman has made many changes to his systems over the years but has always kept his 7.2s, telling me that they still sound very good when properly driven.
Thanks for the responses so far. Actually, Thiel 7.2 have been on my mental list too. Agreed about the power though - would involve another amp investment too..

The same with ATC - have been on my list. Am wondering which models though, to do the room justice. I assume I woudl need to be at least SCM50. The monitors + sub available on A'gon just now look tempting too.
The Living Voice Speakers sound promising for your needs, and they just recently posted on the RWA message board saying their speakers are a good match for you amp.