I used to think passive preamps were superior to active preamps given right the setup, but

my recent evaluation of a modded old SS preamp has me a little befuddled.  I've evaluated $10K+ active preamps in the past and was never impressed especially given their cost.  In general, I've found passives to do better job. I know there's ongoing debate on this.  But here's a very illuminating video on the subject by Bascom King, one of the legends of high end audio.


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The best preamp is no preamp?...  Possibly... but only if the recording was perfect and recorded in an ideal space with phenomenal room acoustics.   Otherwise?  I still prefer Technicolor movies over the plain variety. I know..  Not real... But,  so much more pleasing and stimulating to your soul.  After all, that is why we seek to listen to music! Recording engineers know this.  That is why they will often times add effects and enhancements to what was recorded. 

I learned my big lesson when I began op-amp swapping with my high quality pre-amp/phone amp.  No piece of equipment is neutral.  Even the passive ones. For there are various kinds of passive preamps that produce different sound!  So? Create your own "neutrality" of sound.  One that produces a believable sound that YOU THOROUGHLY ENJOY.   Not one we are to be told is enjoyable but does not quite move you. It always has to be quality - low noise - design. That never varies.
 C'est la vie.