I turn the big Half-Century today

What music did you listen to when YOU turned fifty?
I'm gonna start with the Stones' Flashpoint, then maybe the Schubert D960 Sonata, Faure's Requiem (gulp!), and maybe that in-your-face chamber Carmina Burana out of Sweden a few years ago.
Any other suggestions? And please, I don't need Krall breathing in my ear...I'll let Ellen do the honors.
How about "Happy Aniversary Baby" by the Little River Band !!
Ha! Have a good day!
Neil Young's "Long May You Run".
Happy Birthday,
I turned 50 2 weeks ago on the 15th.No looking back musically,however.Michel Camilo "Triangulo"
Robben Ford Vinnie Coliuta Jimmy Haslip
"Jing Chi"
Happy Birthhday!
You are officially a geezer.
I'll turn 50 20 years from now. I think that I would be listening same progressive and avant-flavoured music as I listen now. Maybe it will evolve somehow from now and I'm damn sure I'll be posted!
Well, there's always Eva Cassidy. But, I continue to recommend the Stone Coyotes, a small rock and roll family band fronted by a 50-something singer/songwriter (Barbara Keith, her husband Doug Tibbles and his grown son). Church of the Falling Rain, Situation Out of Control, and their latest, Born to Howl (4 1/2 stars with a check at allmusic.com). All should be available at Amazon, or you can order from the band at stonecoyotes.com I think.

I enjoyed playing songs reminiscent of my youth, i.e., high school and college years, e.g., Beach Boys classics and "hell-icopter music" (Vietnam War-era rock, a la Apocalypse Now, like Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky). Dug it then, dig it now.
Congratulations, Subaruguru !

Here is my musical list covering the topics of time, birthdays, and the state of mind from seeing 50 years on this planet pass by.

"Wow" Kate Bush ( Lionheart )

"Old Man" Neil Young ( Harvest )

"Don't Give Up" Peter Gabriel ( So )

"Birthday" The Beatles ( White album )

"Nick of Time" Bonnie Raitt ( Nick of Time )

"I Won't Grow Up" Rickie Lee Jones ( Pop Pop )

"I Knew You When" Linda Rondstant ( Get Closer )

"Lesson In Survival" Joni Mitchell ( For the Roses )

"Time is On My Side" The Rolling Stones ( Greatest )

"Oh Bury Me Not" Johnny Cash ( American Records )

Hope some of these fit into your celebration of birth, life and music.

Happy Birthday Ernie. And welcome to geezertime. When I turned 50-- over 9 years ago, I might have listened to Jerry Lee Lewis "Great Balls of Fire"-- seems like that was "just the other day". Also, at 50 "Whole Lotta' Shakin" Goin On", and "Breathless" take on a whole new meaning;>) I don't know if Diana was breathing in ears then or not, but I would have gotten quite a charge out of it if she had;>)

Lately I've been enchanted by Jacintha's XRCD2 "Autumn Leaves"-- the songs of Johnny Mercer, but if you don't care for Diana K., you may not like Jacintha either. Still, this is the best CD I've ever heard in my system. Cheers. Craig.
Happy Birthday-Ernie.
Forever Young-Bob Dylan-the scratchy Biograph demo version is best imho.
Tonight listen to something old that reminds you of happy times and something current you enjoy and also something to share with your better half........tomorrow however go out and buy something new,something that perhaps challenges your taste or alternatively some new band you think you might like-it'll help keep you young.
All the best. Play anything that brings a smile to your face or a tear to your eye.....they can never tax the memories....in Canada memories are one of the few things that are HST free, eh?
Grin.Still about half way there. Best of wishes! The best is still to come.
Now you don't need an antique to have something really old to sit on...
The Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today."
Rocky Horror "Let's Do the Timewarp Again."
Ernie: How about some Glenn Yarbrough to Lite up your 50th (maybe a little Phil Ochs for the rebel in you as well:-)? Congratulations, I have a couple more years before I join you and will probably just get drunk while eating cooked snails and raw meat @ a local dive with Chloe and a few friends.
Ernie, great choices. What time should I come over?
"i was so much older then,
i'm younger than that now."

-robt. zimmerman

sez it all, ernie. happy .05 millenium.
I crossed over about 2 months ago. My wife invited me out to dinner, and when I got there, found she had also asked about 30 of my best (old and not so old) friends. The hubub in the room at the restaurant was the sweetest music I've heard in a long time. Right up there with the birth of my son as a highlight; more fun than our wedding cause I didn't have any of the stress of planning it.

Maybe the RCA .5 series would be appropriate.
Happy Birthday and 50 more, Ernie.
50Hz. RG Knaak
Happy Birthday Ernie!

How about "Old Folks Boogie" (Little Feat, Time Loves a Hero), "Done Got Old" (Buddy Guy, Sweet Tea) and "Cum mortius in lingua mortua" (Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition, Solti w/ Chicago Symphony)? Just kidding -- I'm right there with you age-wise. The sound and vocals on Done Got Old are terrific though.

Seriously, listen to some Colin James and the Little Big Band (one or two) -- that'll wake you up, get everyone dancing and remind you that all is well so long as you got the swing and can blend the new with the old!

Thanks for everything Ernie. Happy Happy!
Foggy (very, very, foggy) Mountain Breakdown...Happy Birthday!
I am not there yet (45), but I have looked forward to being 50 since I was a teenager. An uncle of mine was 50 at that time and he appeared to really have it all together. He just seemed to have all the details of life worked out. I am no longer as naive as I was in my teens, but I can definitely see how much wisdom middle aged people possess as a generality.