i-tunes question

I am building a library and created a few playlists.I have burned a few disks from said playlists. On a couple burned disks I forgot to print out the songs on paper. A friend suggested I just pop the burned disc back into the tray and Itunes will recognize the song titles. Not so. All I get is "track 1, track 2" and so forth. I am looking for ideas as I have deleted the playlists.
Are you online when you ask itunes to ID the songs? You need to be because it pulls the titles and album info from their end.
I am indeed. It pulls up "store-bought" CD info just fine. It is not recognizing the songs if I burn a CD from my library and then go back and place that same burned CD into the PC tray in order to identify the content on the burned CD (in the event I forgot to print out the song selections).
What file type are you using, some don't store that info. You may be able to re import them, change the file type and it may able to get the track info online.
it's about $20 but TuneUp Companion, which attaches itself to iTunes will give you all the information and the album covers too. Very cool service. Not perfect, but 95% works as advertised.