i Tunes help

I use i Tunes to import CDs into my laptop to playback via Squeezebox Touch. Sometimes i Tunes doesn't recognize the disc (e.g. Jimmy Smith Home Cookin'...really? come on). If I let i Tunes import the disc it goes to a folder called various artists and gets mixed up with other music. I'm sure there's a simple way to move imported tracks to other albums, re-label, etc, but I haven't found it? For that matter, is there a better program to use for importing?
right click on track number one of the album then click on the info tab. You can manually enter all of the track info on the tab. Move on to the next track......
You can also shift-select several tracks and edit their info all at once. Sometimes if there is a "featured" artist on a track, that will not come up with the rest of the album, and you need to edit the artist field under 'info' to be the same as the rest of the CD. Also, if yours is a compilation, checking 'compilation' will get the tracks to list correctly.
thanks, folks
If you have a lot of songs to fix there are applications that claim to be able to analyze your whole music collection and supply missing metadata. I don't have experience with this one, Songgenie, but it got a great review in Macworld. There are probably similar programs for a PC.
When you insert a CD to be ripped you should check the info iTunes has retrieved before actually ripping the CD. Sometimes the database info is wrong, or not in a format that is optimal for you.

Insert CD and wait for the import screen.

Highlight all songs and choose "Get Info".

Review the info (including the "option" tab).

Accept or change data.

Import CD.