I took the plunge - PS Audio Stellar DAC and S300

I should get them tomorrow as beta test units.  Current speakers are first gen. Klipsch Reference RF-3s from high school. I will be referencing the units through a Grace 905 monitor controller. I know the speakers are the weak link but I've had them for almost 20 years and I know them well and have gone through 4 amp/preamp setups. Excited to see what I notice!    
I'm interested in the Steller Dac/Preamp myself. I would like to know if the pre amp volume control can be switched to "fixed volume" if I just want to use the unit as a Dac only. The owners manuals are not posted yet online. 

The unit  it looks really nice and I would like one to replace my Nova Pre

I'm really enjoying these units so far. I'm told the volume control can be bypassed for AV purposes, but without a manual I have yet to see it in action.

It's hard to discern what is doing what because I swapped my old integrated and replaced it with these two units, but my gut tells me that this amp is really impressive. Even at 140 wpc it seems to have immense reserves of power and very tight dampening. It hasn't ever sounded "loud"so far, it only gets bigger with volume if that makes sense. I've only run it in about 5 hours so there likely still some break in to do.  I can only imagine what the m700s can drive. I've swapped between the Stellar DAC and some other DACs and I have yet to sit down and really sort out the front end of this system, mostly because I have some rewiring to sort out still. 

So far my verdict is thumbs up. Love it when a simple change lets you enjoy the music again.   
Definitely more break-in required ... I got an S300 last week, give that baby at least 100 hours before drawing conclusion.
Any further updates?  I am running Yamaha rx1040 reciever as a pre and emotiva xpa5 Gen two as power for my goldenear Triton ones. I feel the ps audio stellar dac/pre coupled with the mono 700 would make a huge difference. 

How is it sounding after a few weeks?  This looks like the perfect middle ground for price and performance with a small footprint as well which helps me. 

Very excited to see how these are sounding after the break in. Please update us. 
I keep enjoying these units more and more. they keep getting smoother, especially around the 1k region and up in maybe 10k. The low level detail is very very good for their price point. The sound is very open, very clean with big power reserves from the amp. Again very good dampening.

The DAC is pretty cool: I've started to jump into the menu a bit to name my inputs and set the theater bypass up. To me, pre amps/controllers should be as much about convenience as it is sound and the Stellar DAC is a simple, straight forward, control center. The DAC in the unit sounds quite good compared to other pieces of equipment I've got around the house. Impressed so far. 
Thankyoi for the feedback. Do you think I should get the stereo amp at 140w or should I wait for the monos? 

My speakers don't need a lot of power. I believe they are 92db efficient. 

I am running emotiva xpa5 Gen 2 for surrounds and centre and they are 200w per channel so will I lose anything with only 140w?
Any other feedback from the other users as well? How is it going is it getting even better now after break in? 

i thought i would add my 2 cts worth...recently picked up a S300 to replace a $4500 North American made SS amp - i was honestly skeptical if this unit would be able to satisfy.   granted the other amp had a bit more low end power and drive, and a tad cleaner midrange but just a tad..the highs were slightly smoother but again ever so slightly...at the end of the day the S300 proved to be a great bargan and i never missed the other unit..keep in mind there is a break in-- right out of the box it was a bit on the brittle side..a week in the sound smoothed itself out a great deal....i havent heard all amps in the price range of the S300; but i would be surpised if there is a better all around performer at or near its price..as a footnote dealing with PS Audio was a pure pleasure...top rate company and customer service...i would give one a go if you are intrested in a solid 2 channel amp...
I wonder how the PS audio amp compares to the amp section of the peachtree Nova 150
mdeblanc - very much so. My ONLY gripe with the DAC is I wish that instead of having two discreet coax spdif inputs and one optical spdif input, is that it had two optical and one coax instead. OR an internal bluetooth receiver on one of those inputs so I could just stream music from my Tidal straight into the DAC. There are so many more bluetooth receivers with toslink optical outs vs coax digital outs.

In general - I now listen to more music because:

a) I love what I hear
b) It’s so very easy and convenient to dial up a record
c) I love what I hear

Also I will say this - the S300 has pretty impressive reserves. Unless you've got some seriously power hungry speakers and need big volume with the S700s, the S300 is more than capable of getting very big SPLs without sounding strained or harsh. 
Anyone compare the following Class D rr D-hybrid amps:

PS Audio S300
Audio Alchemy DPA-1
Rogue Hydra

Curious as to the relative merits/demerits of their various tube and solid state input stages as well as Hyped UCD vs Icepower ASC300 vs Ncore as well as the variant approaches to feedback and servo control in the above.

Have owned the NAD, own almost every other Audio Alchemy device made at present, and am acquiring the S300, at least temporarily. Have had numerous speakers recently, likely keeping Silverline Minuet Grands just received.

Thanks for any input and experience sharing.
@transience -
Anyone compare the following Class D rr D-hybrid amps

I owned an S300 briefly, and had the opportunity to perform a direct A/B comparison against the NAD M22 at my local hifi store for several hours.

We used an NAD M12 as a source (playing files from a USB thumb drive, as well as streaming Tidal), along with PSB T3 tower speakers. Fully treated listening room.

As much as I wanted to love the S300 (especially since I had gotten a great deal on it as part of the PS Audio "beta tester" program) the NAD came out on top. This was about 6 months ago, so I can’t recall specifics but I do recall the M22 had much more detailed, yet smoother presentation.  S300 and M22 both had powerful low end, but M22 bass was better controlled.

On the plus side, PS Audio customer service is top-notch. I returned the S300 for a refund, purchased a used M22, and never looked back.

It’s possible that the S300 wasn’t fully burned in, but I believe it had 100+ hours on it. Also of note, the NAD retail price is twice that of the S300, so it would be expected for the NAD to come out on top.
Having heard both the Rogue Hydra and PS S300 quite a bit (I'm a dealer for both lines), I know them fairly well.

The Hydra is a good amp.  I've sold more of the Medusa's, but both models sound fairly close.  Tube swaps allow you to somewhat tailor the sound in these.  I like them quite a bit....

I've said it before, and will likely say it again, I think the PS S300 is an absolute steal at it's price point.  Good, clean and detailed sound.  Not overly forward, but still great definition.  For anyone considering amps in the sub $2k price point, I think trying out an S300 is a great idea.
I purchased the Stellar DAC/S300 combo from Goldprint Audio. I will have to agree with what they told me. A great combo for the price. I have a Theater Bypass mode that I now drive my front speakers through, a fantastic DAC for Roon/Tidal and it sounds fantastic when I play my LP's . For the price point the combo is everything I wanted and more.
   Hi,  has anyone compared the PS audio s300 vs the nuprime St 10? Would be great to have your opinions.  Parkinen I hope it's OK with you this question,  thanks 
@jdaun @goldprintaudio Thank you both so much for your perspectives on these amps; really wonderful to hear of their relative merits (which are not inconsiderable). Now having actually heard them in comparison, granted in different systems I know well, I would agree that the M22 is better defined, considerably more at ease, and more neutral than the S300, whose tipped up treble does, however, grant it a greater sense of liquidity and a rather amazingly deep soundstage.
I am curious about the Rogue hybrids, having only heard the M180s in my system, but think that - after all that – I am at my end game with an LFD LE V+, unless I can move into a considerably more tube-friendly household/listening routine in future. I do trust @goldprintaudio 's indications re: the Rogues and value.
Im interested in this as well. I own the ST-10 and I would like to know if, for a second system, I should stay with the NuPrime brand or if there is a better approach with PsAudio that would provide better sound.

has anyone heard them side by side?

I have a Stellar Gain Cell DAC on the way to hopefully replace several components as I downsize my system. Report to follow and add to this thread. The one thing it doesn’t have that I wish it did, is a dedicated line out for recording.
@rafapolit I've had the Stellar Gain Cell Dac/S300 combo. The S300 is a nice sounding amp but I moved to a NuPrime ST-10 and never looked back.
So I've had these units for just about two years now and here are my more seasoned observations:

The DAC is wonderful. It is such a great hub for modern listening. you can make it work with so many different types of setups. It's great. 

The S300 is a solid work horse class D piece and is a wonderful class D amp, but after switching to B&W 805S2s I wish I had about twice the horsepower in a class A setup. 

it's a great amp for efficient speakers. And it is wonderful with bright speakers too.  
Thanks for the update.  In my 2nd system, I have a Nuprime IDA-8 integrated, but I've had thoughts on replacing it with the Stellar combo.
I am seriously considering the GainCell/S300 combo for some bookshelf speakers (yet TBD).

I spent a bunch of time yesterday with the new Parasound P6/A 23+ and I'm wondering if anyone has compared them on these metrics:

PRACTICAL USE: There are a bunch of features on the Parasound P6 which seem handy - tone controls, sub level, the ability to dial in crossover for both sub and main speakers on the back, and some other features perhaps not as major. How does the GainCell compare on these features and on the one-knob approach to feature access?

SOUND: Anyone compare the two systems for sound? They seem to be almost exact competitors.