I took the plunge - PS Audio Stellar DAC and S300

I should get them tomorrow as beta test units.  Current speakers are first gen. Klipsch Reference RF-3s from high school. I will be referencing the units through a Grace 905 monitor controller. I know the speakers are the weak link but I've had them for almost 20 years and I know them well and have gone through 4 amp/preamp setups. Excited to see what I notice!    
I'm interested in the Steller Dac/Preamp myself. I would like to know if the pre amp volume control can be switched to "fixed volume" if I just want to use the unit as a Dac only. The owners manuals are not posted yet online. 

The unit  it looks really nice and I would like one to replace my Nova Pre

I'm really enjoying these units so far. I'm told the volume control can be bypassed for AV purposes, but without a manual I have yet to see it in action.

It's hard to discern what is doing what because I swapped my old integrated and replaced it with these two units, but my gut tells me that this amp is really impressive. Even at 140 wpc it seems to have immense reserves of power and very tight dampening. It hasn't ever sounded "loud"so far, it only gets bigger with volume if that makes sense. I've only run it in about 5 hours so there likely still some break in to do.  I can only imagine what the m700s can drive. I've swapped between the Stellar DAC and some other DACs and I have yet to sit down and really sort out the front end of this system, mostly because I have some rewiring to sort out still. 

So far my verdict is thumbs up. Love it when a simple change lets you enjoy the music again.   
Definitely more break-in required ... I got an S300 last week, give that baby at least 100 hours before drawing conclusion.
Any further updates?  I am running Yamaha rx1040 reciever as a pre and emotiva xpa5 Gen two as power for my goldenear Triton ones. I feel the ps audio stellar dac/pre coupled with the mono 700 would make a huge difference. 

How is it sounding after a few weeks?  This looks like the perfect middle ground for price and performance with a small footprint as well which helps me. 

Very excited to see how these are sounding after the break in. Please update us. 
I keep enjoying these units more and more. they keep getting smoother, especially around the 1k region and up in maybe 10k. The low level detail is very very good for their price point. The sound is very open, very clean with big power reserves from the amp. Again very good dampening.

The DAC is pretty cool: I've started to jump into the menu a bit to name my inputs and set the theater bypass up. To me, pre amps/controllers should be as much about convenience as it is sound and the Stellar DAC is a simple, straight forward, control center. The DAC in the unit sounds quite good compared to other pieces of equipment I've got around the house. Impressed so far. 
Thankyoi for the feedback. Do you think I should get the stereo amp at 140w or should I wait for the monos? 

My speakers don't need a lot of power. I believe they are 92db efficient. 

I am running emotiva xpa5 Gen 2 for surrounds and centre and they are 200w per channel so will I lose anything with only 140w?
140 watts are more than enough for 92db speakers
Any other feedback from the other users as well? How is it going is it getting even better now after break in?