I thought VPI stopped production of their direct drive table

I just saw it advertised in the 2016 Music Direct catalogue. Are they only making it for them?
The VPI direct drive is now hand-made by Harry Weisfeld and is made-to -order. It sounded great at a recent VPI open house event.
Never heard from any consumer, on any forum, that actually owns the VPI direct.

They only went to a few reviewers, and no consumers bought any, IMO.

A total flop from a sales perspective.

Do you know that for a fact Don? I happen to know you are absolutely wrong.
Harry is at it again, that being a marketing genius.  Harry knows where the buck is, if he does not have them all by now.  Harry reinvents the turntable when his store of bucks is low. Don't get me wrong, Harry makes great products, he does not make great value.  Yes, I own two of his products, and I am very satisfied.  The  only way I could afford his stuff is to buy used, which I did, from an estate sale. So, I am waiting for Harry's ultra sonic records cleaner.  I am sure it is on its way, after all, Harry's 'bucks' need constant refreshing. It will be a direct drive unit and have a special fluid, for as we know, Harry makes mega bucks from 'accessories'. 
I thought Harry retired and his son is now running the company.
taters "I thought Harry retired and his son is now running the company."

Mat runs VPI, but Harry is custom building some turntables, including the DD.