I think they're making fun of us...

Found this product description for Schiit's cables quite entertaining:

"PYST was the god of drinking in Norse mythology. He’d be much better-known if he wasn’t getting schiit-faced all the time. Or, well, not really. PYST stands for Put Your Schiit Together, a set of short cables that make stacking your DAC and amp easy.

Beyond Just Technology: SuperUltraHyperTechnology
PYST cables are made from only the finest 6-nines Unobtanium™ alloy, molecularly assembled in our Alternate Universe™ reality-distortion tesseract field , using a secret geometry reverse-engineered from crashed UFOs, painstakingly smuggled out of Area 51 by deep-cover operatives. Performance is further enhanced by the use of a QuantConnect™ quantum-entangled pair of transmission interfaces, held at absolute zero by our exclusive Stasis Field™ technology. The cables are then wrapped in NanoAeroCap™, a nanotechnology-enabled aerogel anti-capacitance insulation system, featuring Fractal Interleaved Geometry™ to create negative inductance for maximum audio transmission quality.

Or, er, well . . . again, no. These are nice, high-quality cables, with solid, reliable connectors. And they’re short. And not too expensive. That’s it. Hope you like them!"

Kind of a let down. Still, after such a great build up I'm left wondering if they come in longer lengths?
They forgot to say it was developed by NASA.
I thought it was Loki who handled the development side.

All the best,
Sounds like Bybee's ads.
Reminds me of Stealth Indra when they first came out and the first review....$6800 per meter........