I think my RPTV went bye-bye

I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this or not, but here goes: this evening our 6 year old Samsung 52" RPTV volume went from normal listening levels to "all the way up" on it's own. No one was in the room when it happened. It wouldn't respond to the remote or the front panel buttons to lower it. Used the on/off button to turn the set off. Turned the set back on, a few minutes later same deal. turned the set off again, this time it won't come back on. unplugged it, plugged it back in, nothing. No power. Nothing operates via its remote, the front panel, the universal remote. No big screen in the family room for NFL Sunday ticket? Help me Obi Wan Kanobi, you're my only hope.
Seems to be in the air, I just lost my 8 year old receiver today..... well, it was fun to take apart.....

Now I just need to figure out what I want to replace it with.

Sorry to hear of the loss.
I'll give you my 55" Mitsubishi RPTV. I'll need your Scoutmaster as a deposit however. LOL. See my thread in the forum, "Ok, I took the leap..."
Or, this is your chance to celebrate as you make your way home tomorrow (I'm sure stores are open at least part of the day) with the new HDTV 50" Plasma or LCD monitor.
As opposed to just turning it off and on, try actually unplugging it for 5 minutes or more. This might reset the unit. Just a thought. Best of luck.

Steve Bachman
Phoenix, AZ
I just read your thread, I must an idiot for posting this question here. Like I could expect any of you guys to suggest anything except getting a new set ;)

Right now, there is a Sony 20 incher sitting on a table in front of the dead RPTV. Not gonna do it for the NFL playoffs.....

Welcome to the wild world of Turntable upgrades. You have indeed come over to the dark side
Sounds like a bad solder joint to me. Sean
This critter wouldn't, by chance, have a reset button on the back, would it? Just a thought.
I had a brand new 1 moth old JVC hd-ila set; pop its bulb. Warranty coverage up the wazoo;still had to wait 2 weeks for them to come out. Got to get closer to my Panny 27incher. Shite happens,and at the worst possible time. That Murphy guy was such a know-it-all.
This is like a 60 yard field goal but if you open up the back of your set {unplugged of course} Shine a flashlight where the power inlet is. Their should be a fuse near it. Check to see if its blown.
Damn thing is working fine today. It probably heard me talking about getting a new 50 inch DLP.....
I hate that - something breaks, handing over a golden opportunity to upgrade (look honey, it won't work - see); and then comes back to life. Should've hauled it out while it was still dead.
I suppose this means our "deals" off. I guess I'll un crate my TV. I was real proud of my packing too, lotsa duct tape;)
Good for you. Hopefully it will hang in there at least through the weekend.
I still want credit for the 60 yard field goal.
Darryl, The 60 yarder is yours - an AudiogoN season high.

Brad, Sorry - the Scoutmaster stays where it is...
Hopefully, the beast WILL die. I saw some mighty fine new technology today. A perfectly good upgrade opportunity shot to hell...
I guess we both got screwed....by a TV no less ;o ;)