I think my hearing is damaged.

Let me explain. I am a 46 yr old male. I know cant hear like I used to. People have to repeat themselves. Thats not what I am talking about. Whenever I have a cold my right ear will vibrate inside. It is annoying to the point that I dont want to listen when Im sick. It is always my right ear and never my left. It dulls my hearing until I get well. I have had hearing tests and my right ear is slightly less sensitive. I did a drug for 10 years that may affect hearing. So what is the vibrating??? Is there damage to the eardrum??????
Do you mean a sound 'vibration' or ringing or hissing sound (better known as Tinnitus?) If you Google 'tinnitus' there's a wealth of info about causes, remedies, different forms of tinnitus, etc. Certain vitamins and supplements (such as 5-HTP) can be quite effective.
Does anyone know of a drug that improves hearing?
Concur with above posts,see a pro.I have had hearing issues since a brutal sinus deal a couple years ago.Things seem different along with a ringing.Do it now,good luck,Bob
Do you sleep on your right side? It may be fluid (snot?)that flows through your eustachian tubes into your middle ear. A doctor should be able to look into your ear and see if it is infected. Chances are, it will drain out when your cold dries up, and you'll be fine. Try some Sudafed to dry your nose up, maybe then the ear will drain and stop filling up. Don't blow your nose so hard, and if it really freaks you out, try sleeping sitting up. All right, those last 2 suggestions are a bit Dogbert-esque, but I thought I'd throw them out anyhow.
Oh, yeah, what Timrhu said, too.
Disclaimer: I'm an engineer, not a doctor.
02-23-08: Hitman_hifi asked: "Does anyone know of a drug that improves hearing?"

Nope. There are drugs that make you "think" you are hearing better but it is illusory. ;-)

Thanks all. Also I have taken depakote for 10 years. One of the side effects could be hearing loss. i do have ringing/hissing but I can ignore it and doesnt bother me. Your right it does vibrate. i usually sleep on my back. Yes when Im sick it is much worse. Have mild case of the flu right now. I did have one serious case of vertigo 3 years ago. One week. Just got through listening with headphones and it is not there now. Yesterday it was bad. But it is always in my right ear. The ear that does not test as well on my hearing tests from work. Opinions welcome!!!!!
Dont listen to anything but your inner ear.Serious #$2,ive been a working guitarist...take a break,imho.
Eliminate any artificial sweeteners from your diet. Don't listen to music loudly for a few weeks. Don't clear you ears by holding nose and blowing pressure thru them. Protect your ears from cold weather. Catch up on sleep. See an ENT. Accept the fact that the meds may make the condition worse.
Thanks Reb. I have shunned away from artificial sweetners because they made me eat more. I have a nice system now But dang I can still remember hearing notes that I cant hear now. Wish I had a great pair of ears now with the nice sysytem I have!
What was the circumstances surrounding the vertigo episode if I may ask?I have also been experiencing something similiar,I believe,thanks,Bob
Is it possible that you have ear wax build up?
Usblues. Doc said depression.
Tha's what you get from listening to Thiel, Spectral and Nordost ....
You may want to see a neurologist if your balance is effected as well. My wife was experiencing loss of hearing and what she thought were occasional episodes of slight vertigo and unbalance. The audiologist tested her hearing and said it was "normal for her age". A neurologist discovered she had a brain tumor, "Acoustic Neuroma", named such because it originates on the acoustic nerve. It is NOT cancerous and very slow growing, but if left untreated can be fatal. Typical treatment for such an ailment is wrought with terrible side effects. So if ANYONE is diagnosed with this PLEASE e-mail me for details of her successful recovery.