I think Mechans is correct

The Fritz Rev 5's with upgraded Scanspeak drivers (ILLuminator 5 inch woofers, Revelator tweeters) don't sound bad with Quicksilver 90's in 12x15x9 room for listening only. The small hearing loss in left ear (67 yrs. old) is probably meaningless.
Folks who know The Doctor (Mechans) would say the title of your thread applies in most every instance.
Except for the years of mistakes, mis-steps and other silly ideas, I thought of while learning about audio. Trelja introduced me to this hobby and in fact taught me most of what I needed to know, so listen to his advice.
Thanks for the compliments.
People here should know when I first met The Doctor, and in a subsequent encounter or three, I told him to run, not walk, as fast as he could from this ridiculous hobby. What a silly and foolish lot we are.

Unfortunately, he did not heed my advice. Then again, I found a great friend.