I think I screwed up 😬☹️

I purchased a Clearaudio Ovation w/ the magnify tonearm on the used market and upon setting it up I broke the small antiskate wire that attaches to the two dials on top of the “hood”. Am I screwed? I also notice that the arm is making direct contact with the bottom portion of the inner hood. So it’s very stiff as I pivot the arm into position to play a record. This does not seem right based on photos I’ve seen online. In photos, there seems to be a small space at the bottom like there is on the sides between the left and right magnets. I’m pretty bummed that I already broke this thing. Grateful for any thoughts/assistance. *Sigh*
The Delicacy of the Vinyl Front End is a precarious thing to manage.
Mistakes have been Made by many and there are always mistakes in the making.
I can't say for certain, but I feel you will be guided to a method to remediate the incurred Damage.
One more tiny error and lesson learned to be put into the
'Don't Do That Again' Black Book.   

In the Past week I did not Notice the the Tonearm Cue Lever was resting in the down position.
I used the Tonearm as per usual, and when taking my hand away it plonked down on to the Vinyl.
After a Volley of Expletives, I dared to look at the Stylus, and I had got lucky.
With this Tonearm this incident was a first, these little user errors in one shape or form are happening daily. 

At a Exhibition attended by the Public in front of a full packed room of people.
I went down into a Low Squat to Cue the Tonearm on a TT that was appox' 300mm of the Floor.
I went backwards and ended up legs akimbo facing the ceiling.
The Tonearm certainly provided a demonstration on how best not to use a Tonearm with a expensive MC on board.

I am certainly a paid up member of the Club of Little Mishaps when it comes to Vinyl Front Ends.   
You're right, there should be even spacing all around, and it should of course move freely.  

Was it perhaps shipped with locking screws to safeguard the arm from vibration? Or should have been but wasn’t? If you can link to a lot of good clear pics or diagrams this can probably be enough to point you in the right direction.
Reopening the box from my dynavector xv1 after it had been in storage or 5 years and finding the cantilever broken.  Nothing else comes close in the analog screwups can compare.
"...and @pindac learned, there 'n then, to kneel...."
Another for the Hall of Miscues'.....

*s* Bad to happen with an audience; hideous during demo.....

Tonearm repair, a/s wires:
-Delicate stuff....DIY repair skill level = high, imh...
Mount the TT at approx' at a Height of a Minimum of 800mm will be best for a Public Display with my Gymnast Capabilities available today. 

Nothing Like little bit of Vinyl Demonstration and a Comedy Side Show.
Fortunately the System was referenced in the follow up reports for the right reasons.     
Can't account for carts but in arm design part of the skill is making it robust enough to avoid such accidents and last 30 years or more.  Many of the inelegant fussy designs don't do this.  That's the failure of the designer.

'Finding' the broken Dynavector cantilever is an interesting one.  If the cart was fixed into the box with the two fixing screws, how could it break?
Either it was cracked but intact when put in the box or it was broken on opening or removal.
Opening Up the Cartridges Packaging after Five Years Storage and discovering a Damaged Stylus will be a knock.
At times of a unwanted discovery, where trying to find the cause, will be an endless recollection of the if's and but's, that will realise into    becoming,  just one more story to be entered into the annals of, 
I live for my Vinyl but doesn't that commitment cause periodic levels of unwanted discomfort. 

It is great news that when such a occurrence is met, there are services available to help one through these times.

Again, these are stories to be told by many.
In my case, on a not too regular used Belt Drive TT.
I had offered a friend the loan of a Cartridge that was attached to the Tonearm in use on the TT.
It took about a year for the friend to accept the offer as their own alternative investigations were nearing an end.
After detaching the Cartridge and Placing it into the Packaging, I noticed the Aluminium Cantilever was quite bent. 
The Tonearm was always secured with a Wire Wrap Tie when not in use for a long period.
There is nothing else known apart from damage having been witnessed. 

Paul, Call Musical Surroundings and ask how you can get the arm back to Clearaudio for repair. They are the US importer. http://www.musicalsurroundings.com/
@mijostyn I brought it to my local dealer and they’re sending it to Musical Surroundings for repair. No tunes for awhile I guess 😐

Thanks for the reply!


Sorry to hear that.  Quality turntables are delicate devices. I would be very cautious buying used in general. 
That is too bad i feel for you mistakes happen i guess that all i can say is to take your next arm to a qualified dealer for the installation process i have never messed with turntable setup at all due to the high cost of everything involved.