I think I need a pair of headphones

My wife has been suggesting that I get a pair of headphones. I’m sure that there is an underlying message there, but that’s another story. At least with a pair of cans I’ll be able to enjoy my system a couple more hours each week.

I can’t afford what I would really like – a pair of Sennheiser HD-600s and a good headphone amp. I’ve already had to dip into my amp/preamp upgrade fund to cover some other expenses. :-(

Therefore, I have to limit myself to the market consisting of (new) sub-$100 headphones.

I did take a look at the archives and it appears that my best bet will be a pair of Grado SR-60s or SR-80s. I’ll be running my headphones straight out of my Rotel integrated. My music tastes run toward rock and R&B, but I know that in my price range that probably doesn’t matter. Aside from Grado, any other make/model suggestions would be appreciated.

(I’m going to take a look at headfi.org and headwise.com as well)

Take a look at the follow site for information on headphones. They like the Grado SR-60s and also suggest that these Grado's are about as far as you can take it, without using a headphone amp.

Also, look at the following Audiogon review on the SONY MDR-7506. The reviewer also offers some additional headphone options, if the SONYs don't do it for you.

And finally, take a look at this review for a Creek Headphone Amp, in which the reviewer offers praise for the headphone jack on his Rotel amplifier.

I own the Grado 60s. They are fine sounding headphones. My only gripe is that they can get uncomfortable (tight feeling) after awhile.

Regards, Rich
I did alot of research on the headphone website you mentioned and I came to the conclusion that these two were the ones to consider. THe AKG 240S and the Beyer Dynamics DT-531. (musiciansfriend.com had the 240's for $99 and www. bhphoto.com had the 531's for around $92.) I bought a new pr. of Sennheiser HD-475 instead for $49 (retail $149)@ my local dealer, but I sorta regret not spending the extra $. The Grado's you mentioned sound excellent but I found them to be way too uncomfortable to wear for very long. (Also, I thought the cord on the Grado's where they connect to the earphones were poorly designed/attached and could easily be damaged.) I suggest you audition as many as possible or order from a place which offers a return policy. If you decide on a pr. of 531's and they don't work out for you, let me know. Good Luck, Bill
You could also look at the HD580's or hd590 (not as laid back as the 580/600) as they sale for sub-100 in the used market, or just look on over at headfi.org lots of good stuff there.
I suggest digging through head-fi.org as Pe3046 mentioned, or headwize.com as well. Depending on where you listen (IE, with your wife in the room or not), you may want closed headphones, to prevent more sound from escaping out. Perhaps not as good overall as open air headphones, but they can be very nice anyways.

I have several pairs of 'phones, and use closed in the bedroom, and open in the seperate main system room.

The mentions about the Grado's and possible comfort issues long-term seem valid to me. I have ownerd 125's and 325's, both were great in sound, but not that comfy to wear longer term.

Sennheiser, Beyer, AKG, and Audio-Tehcnica all make very good open or closed 'phones, and several within your price range.

Sony also makes some pretty good 'phones, but they also make some VERY lousy ones as well. Best to research them if you go that route.

Whatever the case, good luck.
Hey people, thanks for the responses. Rich - good info on those links, I appreciate it.

Now I have to call around and see if any local dealers have a decent selection of headphones.

Thanks again,
Audio Advisor has Sennheiser HD600 for $224.99.