I Take My Music Seriously

Sometimes too seriously. I can't help it. Being musical is something one is born with. Some people are more musical than others. I studied as a classical pianist for 12 years at the Conservatory of Music. What is your background? How musical are you and how seriously do you take your music system?
I stopped taking my music system seriously rather than dedicate my funds and my joy towards listening artists that I love. Use generic wires. Stopped hunting for different formats to evaluate sound quality. Tend to spend and add wise and economically avoiding purchasing new vinyl releases(they're all horrible anyways and cost arm and leg).
I figured that I'm able to listen to even 96mbps mp3 as long as I hear great performing artist that I like. Sometimes when I can't find preferred lossless format I would find ones with lower resolution and keep them till I find something better. I often go to tubes to view and find something new from the artists I love. My next system project is to build DIY musi server with capabilities beyond my Lenovo has. I dowload so much music that I developed a need of at least storage, but will invest onto quiet and nice music server that would totally replace any disk player.
My background is accordion and guitar and bass. Self-taught for the most. Was playing in my youth for a while as subway musician with small band switching between guitar, bass and accordion in 3-piece band Trombone/trumpet, Accordion/Bass/Acoustic Guitar and drums. I also have a background as a live sound and studio tech. Studied electronics as an electrical engineer, but dropped out being more visual and practical learner than scientist. I assist bands during performances in the technical crew and so far have a list of Black Crows, Cold Play, ACDC, Roxy Music, Cream and lots more less popular artists of various music styles and genres. If I suck as musician so let me help those who are much better than I am:-).
I play Air Guitar
My background in music is playing drums off and on over the years. I played growing up in school bands and a neighborhood band. I take music very seriously. I take my music system seriously. My love for impactful music is very powerful. Listened to my first quality system, back in the early 70's. I have just gotten to the point where my current system is living up to my expectations. I am becoming happy with my music system for the first time, even though I thought I had reached contentment before. (I was wrong) This time I learned that the "right" preamp and a "great" preamp must back up a strong amp-speaker match to have a musical system. I consider myself to be very music-oriented. Hard Bop is one of my music passions but I listen to other genres from Progressive Rock to Soul. Another thing I'm learning is that when your music system is not right it restricts the genres of music you listen to. When your system is right, you want to listen to your whole music collection and buy more new music.
Bit of a loaded question. "Too seriously" is a very subjective phrase. So is "very seriously" and so on. The closer you get to "too seriously", the less fun you're going to have. Am I having fun? Yes, until something goes wrong and I shake my rattle at the sky as Paul Simon so poignantly put it. I love playing with the gear so this is the cherry on top of my love for music. I'm mechanically inclined so it's the only hobby I find fulfilling since music as a stand alone interest increases exponentially with the accessories. I did study guitar at the conservatory for three years until my limitations caught up with me. My hands outgrew my ability, they're huge. So I guess our hobby is what dreams are made of. If I ever get dementia, I hope it's music I get lost in. You never know, it could be a dream come true.
It's one of my favorite things. I like to spend a lot of time listening to music. I enjoy it. I try to not take it too seriously. Music should be enjoyable! I take as seriously as needed towards that end.
Amoungst my hobbies I include, and continue to enjoy, audio. It is fun. But it is not essential by a long shot.

Music is entirely different, it is essential to my well being. Most every day. I love music itself, but I also consider obtaining an understanding of music essential. The latter creates a social activity as well as broadens my understanding of performance practice v composer intent. Went to a 'concert' just last night. Pedestrian performer doing Chopin's music for solo piano. He explained everything going on historically and creatively.
Learned a lot I did not know about performance practices. My guests loved everything! They didn't even notice the piano was out of tune! :-) My audio/sound addiction raising it's head again. :-(
Wow. Wish I was there.
Not musically talented enough to be considered a musician(played tenor sax well enough, but only when reading music - no improptu talent whatsoever so I quit), but extra serious about music. The better my system gets, the less tolerant and more snobby I've become when hearing "music" elsewhere. Really irks my wife when we are out.
Grand piano - I played only once because didn't like the feel.
I used to be very serious but unfortunately do not play very much anymore. Throughout high school I played about 10 instruments competently, (guitar, violin, cello, bass, piano, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, and basic drums) and was a session musician on guitar for a bit. I played occasionally with different symphonies and jazz combos performing quite often. I unfortunately have lost much of my instrumental knowledge, these days primarily guitar, but with occasional trumpet, piano, and bass guitar but am nowhere near the level I used to be- you get out of playing shape so quickly, it is incredible and saddening. My guitars are more like wall decorations than real instruments these days.
Good point Rockadanny. Gives me a good look in the mirror when I hear something other than my own. Like I'm meeting myself for the first time.
I am also becoming happy with my music system for the first. My father bought me my first system system in 1967. It was a simple vinyl rig that I enjoyed hugely when I was entering university. I could not afford to buy many albums so I struck a deal with the local record store. Each week they would give me a free copy of the record of my choice and I would review it for the college newspaper. This worked out well. My call on the Fifth Dimension's first album was spot on. I predicted their rise to stardom and felt good when they made it. I still like them -- especially their latest remastered hits.

Music is much more than a hobby for me. It is a passion and a very important part of my life. I listen to mostly classical, jazz and blues these days. When a component goes on the fritz and needs to visit the repair shop for any length of time I go into a deep funk. No music in the house is like the death of a close relative. Well, not exactly, but I think you know what I mean if you take music as seriously as I do.

My audio system is just getting to where I can really enjoy it -- and more changes are coming in the near future. This is the first time in my life I can afford a really good system. I am doing my best to squeeze the best value out of each audio dollar.
When listening, I get aggravated if the phone rings or my wife bugs me, so I turn them off for a while, guess I'm too serious.
I don't have a syncopated bone in my body, but I wished I did. I love the music that I listen to. On the other hand, I find myself less tolerant of others tastes. Some more than others. I think it's a byproduct of this hobby.

As for the seriousness of my system, isn't this what it's all about?

All the best,
You stated, "I find myself less tolerant of others tastes." This reminds me of a story about Frank Sinatra. He was being wheeled into the operating room for abdominal surgery. The nurse asked, "Mr. Sinatra, are you allergic to anything?". He replied, "Yes, I am." The nurse inquired, "What are you allergic to, Mr, Sinatra." He replied, "Country and Western music."

Personally, I am crazy about Hank Williams.

The closest I come to liking CW music is Johnny Cash and there was a time when I liked Mandy Barnet and Shania Twain. There's always some aspect of some music that can draw me in. Maybe not Polka, but most music. :-)

All the best,
Ya don't like country music! That's sad, sad, sad and it means you won't appreciated something like this. Music from the heart filled with love is always good music.
I think that most of us somehow went through the musical instruments practices to some magnitude.
Anyone visits me always ask if I've ever played or playing any musical instruments.