I saw Jethro Tulls 50th Anniversary Concert Last Night

Last night my son and I went to see Jethro Tull at Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. My son had received 2 comped seats. The concert was two hours with a 15 minute intermission at the one hour mark. I was surprised the concert had sold out. The sound was absolutely God awful. The music overpowered Ian Anderson’s vocals (which could be a good thing) and kind of spoiled things.

The concert started off off with music from their first record, “This Was” and the band went through the years highlighting a song from each record. There was a lot of video going on in the background (idea stolen from Pink Floyd?) showing old concert footage of the bands glory days. Ian’s voice has failed badly and is likely due to smoking cigarettes throughout his life. The songs were all dialed down so Ian could hit some of the notes. On the parts he couldn’t sing, they used footage from old concerts to fill in.

Although Ians voice wasn’t that good, his flute playing was exemplary. For a 72 year old man to have so much energy the way he was running around the stage was inspiring. I have always been a Tull fan which is also why my son is. This was the 32nd time I have seen them perform, but my first Tull concert since the early 90’s. In all honesty, it was painful to hear Ian sing and I think he should contemplate retirement.

I also have a lot of animosity towards Ian after supposedly retiring the Tull name in 2011 and firing Martin Barre who was his lead guitarist for 42 years and the drummer who was in the band for over 30 years. Ian never told them that he had already written “Thick As A Brick 2” and a year later, went out on his own with a bunch of session musicians to perform it under the Jethro Tull name and continues to do it to this day. Ian Anderson screwed his 2 loyal band mates out of a lot of money since 2011. I didn’t know this until I read up on it after the concert last night. This was the last time I will see Tull due to the way he repaid his lead guitarist and drummer. I never knew that Ian (who in my younger years, I worshipped him like a God) was such a jerk.
Incredible.  32 times you have seen Tull.  That is worship.  I have wondered why JT is not in the Rock HOF.  Can’t be this.  I’m sure jerks get.
I saw Tull last week in Medford Ma and the sound there was awful too. The bottom end was like mud except during a bass solo where each note was distinct wondering why it wasn't like that for the rest of the show. The vocals were way down in the mix probably trying to hide the fact he can no longer sing well. 
I was much more satisfied when I played some early Tull lps the next day yeah thats the way it should sound.
I saw Jethro Tull with Johnny Winter and Led Zeppelin circa 1969 at Bowie Racetrack, MD. hey, that’s 50 years ago! Shut my mouth and call me corn pone!
I saw JT at The Ocean in AC a few months ago.  Yes, sold out and yes awful sound.  It was nice to see that Ian can still do the one legged Flute playing.  Also saw him way, way, way back at the Filmore East.  So, yeah, got to book end that career.
The first time I saw Jethro Tull was at the Newport Jazz Festival in 67 maybe? I was hooked and every time they came to the area, me and my 2 best friends would see them in Providence, Boston and New Haven for every tour starting when Stand Up first came out, up to Minstrel In The Gallery. After that I saw them for free at Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Virginia back in 1987, then again in the 90’s when he had the most excellent back up band, "Chrissy Steel". That girl could play guitar and sing like nobody’s business. I have 6 ticket stubs from the early 90’s. I also saw them at the Fillmore East in NY (what a crummy place) twice in the early days. It is really sad when these old rockers don’t know when it’s time to retire.
I saw them twice: 1970 and 1973 (NYC and Vancouver). A band that ran out of ideas long ago! RIP!
Tough crowd.   Old rockers, old athletes and plain old people just don’t want to quit what they know, love and have succeeded at.  I’m not sure what’s worse.  Paying to see once great but now worn out musicians or so many uninspiring tribute bands.    
1st time I saw them was at the Fillmore East (circa Stand Up/Benefit) with Grand Funk Railroad (had just released their 1st record!) and Noel Redding's Fat Mattress (easily the worst band I've ever seen, bar none!).  Thick As A Brick was the last Tull record I ever bought, and my least favorite.
Tough crowd for sure. A big Tull fan since their beginning. Wow, 32 times. Might be a record. Saw them live, only twice. I generally never expect the sound in many of these places to have good acoustics, especially with amplifiers and speakers everywhere, and I've taken, and worn, ear protection. My attitude is a bit different than many of you however, when it comes to the performances. When I go, it is to see them, as much as hear them, and at 72, good for him. I am 65, and many of my daily talents and capabilities, went by the waist side, as I have aged. With so many musicians leaving us, I feel, let those that are here, do, what they love doing. As far as the inner workings of a band; leaders firing other members, bands breaking up, accountants robbing them blind....this is life....it sucks. But, I was not there, I can not make judgments. It is all part of the music business ( business in general ). I was on several Fillmore East recordings ( I was at every Allman's show, in the audience ), as I felt I lived there. Never had a problem. A great time, a wonderful experience, each and every time. So, my only advice to some of you....lower your expectations, or just don't go......after all...it is still, all about the music, that we all grew up with....IMO......Enjoy ! MrD.