I saved alot of money.

Many of you will probably disagree but I have to share. I recently started streaming from my cell phone to my system with Amazon HD and You Tube Music. 
Components are a new Hegel H390, Bryston A2 speakers, NAD C 546BEE CD player, and wait for it, a cheap Auris bluetooth thing.
Sounds great but I thought about getting an expensive streamer and/or a separate DAC.
After weeks of research I thought of doing a test. The CD player is hooked up via coaxial to the Hegel. The Auris is connected via optical. So both are using the Hegel's DAC.
I put a favorite CD into the NAD and hit pause, then pulled up the same on Amazon. Without moving from my listening position I switched between the two.
Very little difference if any between them.
I tried this with different CDs 3 different times over a week and had the same results.
My system may be cheap compared to what many of you have but my love for music is as strong or better than anyone out there.
At 66, retired, and on limited funds I'm sure glad I did this test. The results must be due to the Hegel's DAC.

I didn’t know that BT devices could be run through a conventional DAC.  I thought that they had their own internal DACs.  What kind of music does the OP listen to?
@mahler123  - The Auris BluME HD has an internal DAC and a digital optical output. I have both the analog and digital outputs connected to my system. Honestly, not a big sound quality difference between the two. It's a great bluetooth receiver for anyone who needs such.....
If it makes you happy, do it twice, three times if non one is looking, four times on Sunday.

Listen to the music no mater what the format. 
Stop listening to your gear.
I am confused.  In your original post you stated that the CD player and the BT were connected to the Hegel DAC, and you were comparing the sound from those 2 inputs.  In your last post, you seem to indicate that you have connected the BT device digitally  to the DAC of the Hegel, and that you also have connected the analog output of the BT to your preamp ( I am not familiar with the Hegel 390; for this discussion I am assuming that it is an integrated amp with DAC included).  If you are comparing the analog vs the digital output of the BT, then presumably the digital output is being converted by the Hegel DAC, and the analog is being converted by the BT DAC and then being outputted to the preamp section of the Hegel.  I would not expect the latter situation to sound alike.
Oops....I mistook the post by @reubent  to be coming from the OP, @golden210...