I replaced the donut gaskets in my Kef 104/2 &

If you like to take things apart and put them back together then I suggest anyone can do it. A couple of tricky parts are to make sure you match all your wiring back to the exact locations when reassembling the mids and tweeter as the wiring can easily be reversed for top and bottom. It is clearly marked on the speaker when you remove the section that holds them but the wires have to be looked at closely to make sure which pair go up and which go down. Same color wires tie wrapped together so visually track them to top and bottom to make sure you don't cross them! Easy but important. There is a video on you tube of a guy taking them apart although it goes pretty quick and doesn't show in detail the removal of the bolt that runs through the woofers. Apart and back together time was about four hours. Glue time took about an hour. Mine had the rubber outside surround which didn't need replaced and this made made it easier. If they needed replaced then I would have second thoughts. Love these old Kefs. I bought them new in the 80's and drove them with a Nakamichi PA 7 and CA 5. Kef replaced the tweeters and mids in the late 90's with a matched pair for each speaker, so they still perform well. Got the surround sound bug and sold the Nak to buy a B&K 507. Liked it a lot till it died and I always missed two channel simplicity. Just bought a Parasound A21 and waiting on an Emotiva XDA-2 to arrive. Hope the Emotiva sounds good with the A21 if not then I am going to sell it and get the P5 when it becomes available in September. Just a little food for thought..
Paragraph breaks, PLEASE! I could not read your post because it looks like one big run-on sentence...

Thanks for your input wainwright. Maybe my post will help someone that has a little more tolerance for imperfection. I did read one of your post about filling your amp with sand to eliminate "tizziness" and thought that it was quite remarkable and very well written I might add.