I received my new table today

Hey everybody,
I just got my first table in 18 years today and I am already loving it. I bought a new Sota Comet with an OEM RB-250 and a Sumiko Bluepoint cart. I figured this would be a good start to see if I liked playing vinyl again. So far I can tell that I will be a vinyl head from now on. The music is just more palpable and alive with vinyl than with my digital rig. I'll let this thing break in for a few weeks and try my hand at a review. There is not much info about Sota tables on the 'gon or AA.

By the way Sota was a pleasure to deal with. Donna was very helpful with all the questions I had and when she found out that there was no Sota dealers near me she made me a deal I couldn't refuse on a direct purchase. I highly recommend talking with Donna if you are even thinking about getting a Sota.

Have a good one!
Congratulations, and happy listening. Glad your enjoying it, that's what this crazy hobby is all about.

Let us know as you progress with break in and adjustments.
I am happy for you, what an exciting time. Great table. It has been a long time since my table was new but I still remember it like yesterday. Allow a few hours each night for a little bit of sleep! Happy listening and Cheers!
Sweet move! Tubes and vinyl are wonderful! Let everyone know when you and the table breakin and we'll start showering you with all those "this is what you need now" posts, like a RCM. Enjoy!

Congratulations on your purchase. I have been a long time SOTA owner (Star Series III and now Nova Series V) and also agree that the quality and service of SOTA is fantastic. I hope you enjoy your SOTA and vinyl for many years to come.
Well I've put about 8 hours on the table over the weekend and I am still loving it. I put some Mullard CV4004 and CV4024 in the phono stage replacing the Sovtec 12AX7wa and 12AT7 that came with my VTL preamp. That made a huge differnce in the noise floor of the preamp. The highs are a little ragged sounding but I think this is a combo of poor record cleaning and a new cartridge. Hopefully as I get better at cleaning the records and the cart breaks in the highs will smooth out some. Thanks for all the encouraging responses.