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The OP said that he put together a 2nd system consisting of Nola Boxer speakers and a current NAD intergrated amp that cost 500.00. He said his first system consisted of Wilson Sasha speakers and a ARC ref-5 and a Ref-75. He claims as an experiment he hooked up the NAD amp to the Sasha's. He said in some ways the NAD sounded better than the ARC combination. I have never tried this experiment myself but I am really curious to try it.  Has anyone hear ever tried an experiment like this before? 

For a short time, just to see how the NAD would drive my Esoteric MG10s, I replaced my Jolida Fusion/BEL 1001MK5 pre/amp combo with the NAD 526 BEE ($550 retail) and was impressed with how it performed.

Room is ~15x12.    

Looking at the measurements for the Sasha here,


I'm thinking the Sasha is not a very tube friendly speaker and better suited for SS. Now if he were to try a very high quality SS, he might just give up tubes on those speakers.
I have tried similar a few times, and each time I was initially surprised by how good the low cost/high value gear was, but after a while I was eager to get the good stuff back in...
I think the NAD 526BEE is a really good piece. 
I bet we'd all be surprised on the small differences in electronics and digital if we gave ourselves the chance and left our audiophileness at the door. 
Taters - what site did you read this?
Matter of fact- yes!

way back I had an amp- big, expensive, premier brand, that died, but fortunately, it was under warranty. Shipped it off for repairs.

while waiting for my amp back I took an unused NAD receiver I had (712?) and used it as an amp. I was shocked at how good the NAD sounded in that context. 

We (I) need to stop listening to gear with our eyes . Cannot tell you how many times i look at a piece of gear in the rags and think wow  that must sound great . Only by its appearance and price point do I come to that conclusion. Then i have to tell myself that it means nothing . If a plain black box was used it will sound exactly the same .

Consider that for a great deal of equipment, the single most important xpensive part is the case itself. 

Ever see a "full size" component then see the interior and notice hat 1/2 or more of the inside is empty space? 
My BEL 1001 MK5 only makes an impression when in use, otherwise easy to overlook.  The rack mount version, pretty plain looking. 
I noticed that when I got the phono card for my Rowland Capri - two credit sized cards instead of a phono stage the same size as the Capri...