I.R. Receiver

I have an Anthem Integrated 225 amp and on the back is a port called I.R. receiver that accepts an in and an out. Can someone explain to me what that is?

The manual has this: "External IR receivers allow the Remote Control to be used from other locations in your home. Once an IR receiver is wired to another room, connect it to I.R. RECEIVER IN. The signal can be linked to other components through I.R. RECEIVER OUT."

I don't really understand what that means. Does this mean that if I was in a different room than the amp, I would be able to use the remote control (that came with the amp) from that different room to control the amp? Like there'd be some box I could point the remote at and that box would be connected to the amp's I.R. Receiver port?
It is an abbreviation of infrared.

Try a WWW search of infrared, remote and why not your unit's model # as well.
IR Receiver is a small box that has the same type of remote control sensor you would find in a TV or audio component. IR remotes need line of site to the component or it won't work. You put the box someplace in your house that the remote normally wouldn't work and then run a cable back to your amp and plug it into the IR input. It allows the remote to be used in places it would otherwise not work.
It's a nice feature for A/V system integration since you can plug in unseen in the back and it's very reliable. Otherwise, you have to add stick-on IR microflasher on the front where ever the IR eye is. The microflasher can get knocked off or fall off due to heat.