I purchased by turntable and now would like some help with amp setup.

I just purchased a Rotel RP3000 with an extra Shure cartridge for $150.  $150 less than asking price and in very good condition.  With a little extra cash I was hoping for some amp and/or speaker help.  I have limited space and I'm trying to keep components at a minimum but I'll do what I have to get it right.  I've got a pair of B&W CM2's but am open to suggestions for other speaker as I can use these in my bedroom.
I have an old The Fisher amp (can't remember the model) that needs some repair (would consider if recommened) as well as a non-working Bel Canto EVO 2i (very disappointing purchase) that needs a new board.  Someone recommended an NAD 3020 but they are impossible to find here.  Any help or suggestions on the amp would be great and any broader suggestions regarding cables etc. or anything else would be appreciated.
Thanks for any help as I value all the opinions on this site.

You will need a phono amplifier either separate or integrated into your amplifier.  
No idea on the repair cost yet as I wasn't sure it would be worth spending the money. 
Is the Fisher solid state or tubes?  If tubes, repair if the cost is not crazy exorbitant.  If solid state, save your money ... those old Studio Standards from the 70s were not that great and by then, Fisher wasn't Fisher anymore.  

If space is a minimum, try a Rega Brio or the new Rega io.  Both have built in phono amps.