I Pulled the Trigger on the Gaia IIIs. Another Very Positive Tweak! Next Up Schumann!

I have the Gaia IIIs installed on my Focal Aria 936s and the improvement is impressive. I can hear more harmonics in the bass strings and the mids are crystal clear. I am now waiting for delivery of my Schumann Generator. It must have been stuck in the Suez Canal. At least there isn’t as much risk with it. If it doesn’t improve the sound, maybe it will help me sleep better!
If it gives you a headache relax, it will probably go away in a day or two. Mine did. Or you may be one like Krissy who immediately felt better. But if you have a cat watch out, hers likes to curl up and sleep right next to it. Wherever she puts it, cat finds it, curls up and goes to catnip dreamland.
Parts Connexion is the only place I know that has these on sale. :)  I'm waiting on 2 sets myself.
Yeah, I'd love to try them but my speaker are 135 lbs apiece which puts me in the ultra high price thousand$$$ + category. 
That's Moab weight. You can get at least as good sound as Gaia from ordinary springs for around $30-50. But you have to shop around eBay hunting for the right springs, and then build your own platform. Which is what I did, and it was extremely impressive for the money. But it is also a lot of work. Two sets of Nobsound springs for about $70 will also get you Gaia level performance, and they can easily handle 135lbs. Best of all are Townshend Podiums, not cheap but totally worth it. As unlikely as that may seem from something so expensive, but they really are totally worth it. Search around two different guys went from Gaia to Townshend, all agree it is worth the extra. 

But if not- springs!!!!
One can't say springs are as good as Gaia's if one hasn't compared them. Even you said as much not so long ago. You said you imagined or thought they were. As the conversation continues, you've now got them at equal performance. In a day or two, will the springs be better and cheaper? 🤔

All the best,
Good for you on the Gaia purchase! My experience with them mirrors yours. I have them under my speakers, subs, power amp, & dedicated transformer. Consistent improvement under all.  
It is a weird wonderful improvement.  I assumed my ATC 40 actives would have integrated all the design bells and whistles to include optimal spikes for their product.  Wrong!  
Oh, it’s a great transducer in stock form.  However, nothing but improvement with the Gaia footers integrated with Gaia carpet spikes.  All areas of imaging, attack, dynamics and timbre are well served by this product.