I posted here cause you guys really are the best

I just wanted to let all hose who helped me out that although I check in now and than and don't post often, I still thank you all for all your help. Everything has been great! My Autistic grandson has really taken a liking to CCR! In fact, where he use to leave the room when the stereo was turned on, he now turns it on himself. Life has really been better for both of us.

The old Onkyo gave up the ghost several months back so we're using an old Panasonic surround receiver rescued from the neighbors garage sale. Not quite the sound or power of the Onkyo ( no felt pad thumps on those piano keys anymore ) but we still have music.

I'm still homebound most of the time, but the music has kept me going. Again to those who helped me out, thank you,

Dear Mr. 52355; I may not have been a contributor but I love your story. So many times we take our health and wellness without much thought. AND, we all love people whom love music. Music is a big force in my life as it is for many here. Enjoy the music with God's blessings.
Thank you Avguygeorge for the kind words.