I Pick up a Radio Station when I am playing record

When I am playing record I can hear a radio station coming in very clearly, before I put the record on the turntable. If I play the record I can hear the station at low volume. Can anyone tell what the problem could be? I am using VPI Classic turntable with Dynavector 20X Medium output cartridge (VIP version), and a Tube phonostage. I am also getting a ground loop, but when I remove the interconnect from the phono stage or the turntable the ground loop is reduced. I changed the interconnect and I discovered that the ground loop get louder as I turn the volume up. Any idea what is going on?
It sounds like an un-shielded interconnect.
If you have a long interconnect that is un-shielded, it can act like an antenna and pick up RF (Radio Frequency).
Try a shielded IC and see if that help.
Did you see this thread yesterday? http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ymisc&1314849391&read&3&zzlInna&&

Maybe your situation means that you're a super audiophile. Talk about stereo, you've not only got a left and right channel, you've also got analog and FM!

Sorry, but I had to put that in after the other thread.

It sounds like you've just got a shielding problem with your interconnects.

I agree with Z above

I used to live next door to a guy who owned a HAM radio, I could hear him thru my tube amp like he was standing there! I found out some years later, from my brothers friend, that his radio was overpowered and above FCC regulations.

good luck

Give fellow A'gon member Sunnyjim a shout. I can't find his thread but think he had an issue with his Jolida JD9 phono preamp picking up radio signals whenever he played vinyl. I think the culprit might have been the tubes in the JD9 along with the cart he was using. I don't remember exactly but I think he solved the problem. He may be able to help you.

best of luck.
Check the ground wire between turntable and preamp and, make sure it is connected good at both ends.
Gosh, where to begin? I had the same problem with the JD9 but I'll come back to that ;--)

Almando, what kind of phonoamp are you using? And what kind of tonearm cables are you using to connect the cartridge/tonearm to the phonoamp -- by which I mean:
1. What make and model?
2. What length? The standard is 1.2 meter (or about 4 ft.)
3. What configuration/termination?
a.) DIN plug at the tonearm to RCA's at the phonoamp.
b.) RCA (junction box at TT) to RCA on phonoamp.
c.) XLR-to-XLR, or some combo of RCA and XLR?
d.) Other
e.) Separate ground wire?

Until I know what your wiring arrangement is, I can't comment further, other than to say you have some great equipment plus the fabulous Exactpower gear, so the noise has to be airborne and is most likely getting in through the cables (probably) between the TT and the phonoamp.

If it isn't the run of interconnect (between cartridge and phonoamp) then it could be that the gain in the Modwright is set too high. There could also be a redundant (extra, un-needed) ground connection between the turntable and the phonoamp, another between the tonearm and the phonoamp, possibly another in the TT between the tonearm and the TT chassis -- forming a big 'loop antenna'! Let me know.

I just bought a JD9 with all the upgrades, but it's going on AgoN this weekend. It's a nice little phonoamp, but I wanted a TUBE phonoamp (which it says it is on the faceplate!) but it is no such animal! It is a fully solid state phonoamp with three levels of gain using 3 pairs of Texas Instruments op-amps. It has a pair of 12AX7's right before the output, but they provide no gain. They are called "cathode followers, and operate at 'unity gain' -- bottom line: they can't provide the "signal-preserving" capabilities of tubes when they are used for the gain stages -- instead they add a sort of phony "tube warmth" to the output signal -- which isn't what I was looking for ;--((


I have upgraded my system, but have not posed new pictures on Audiogon as yet. Yes I do agree that the Exact Power are some great units, never had a problem with them. I now have a McIntosh Power Conditioner. I am using a Canary CA430 phono stage, interconnect is 1 Meter Audio Art cable, and the connection in the system is all RCA ends, including the turntable (VPI Classic with Dynavector 20X Medium output), I use a separate ground wire between turntable and phono stage. No XLR connection is used.

Someone has an over powered station near you. Call the FCC and report it. I bought a radio and threatened the guy when that happened to me. He was coming in on the tapedeck as well.
Orpheus, when you say
I bought a radio and threatened the guy when that happened to me.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean? So what was the outcome of your report to the FCC?

Almando, where does your 'separate ground wire' connect at the turntable end? Also, I really don't recommend any 'regular' IC, (like the Audio Art) for connecting a cartridge (any cartridge, but especially lo or med output) to a phonoamp. So even though the TT comes with an RCA connector block, don't think that means you can use any RCA IC's you might have laying around ;--) You still need a dedicated tonearm interconnect for that purpose. Not only will it be properly properly shielded, but it's shield will be properly oriented with respect to the (bundled) ground wire. If those items are selected and installed with care, even a nearby radio station should have little effect IMO.
I called the FCC (20 years ago) on the HAM radio operator I mentioned earlier, and they told me they were underfunded and could do nothing...


Point well taken I will get a phono cable soon. Any way my problem is solved. I get a good ground wire from the phono to The pre amp and the radio station went away. The ground loop problem that I mentioned is not really a ground loop. What happen is that my phono stage have the power supply separately and I had the phono section sitting on top of the power supply. I can hear a 60Hz hum from the power supply and the phono section was picking up that signal. When I remove the phono section from off the power supply the 60 Hz hum went away. So all is well with the system now but I will still get a good phono cable. Thank you all for responding to my posting.