I ordered Focal Aria 936

Well it will be shipped on Monday. I have a Parasound A21 amp and I have a stupid question.. The Parasound can both go to 8ohm and 4ohm so at what ohm will the Focal play?
Looks 2.8 ohms to 8ohms, I would'nt worry about it the a21 will have plenty of pwr. to play plenty loud.

Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy your new speakers.

The A21 will have no problem at all with the Focal. It is a rock-solid amp, and while Focal's are a little harder to drive than needed, that will be a solid combination. :)


I should also say, if you get curious, let me know. :) Those Focal crossovers can sometimes be modded to greatly enhance the impedance. Makes a world of diff in the bottom end.
The 936's have impedance peaks of 2.8 to 13 ohm and phase angles from +45 to -47 degrees; they're a bit brutal on an amp, but my 40 year old restored Marantz 2252 has no trouble casting a wide, deep, focused soundstage through them at volumes loud enough to feel in my chair. I wouldn't change a thing about them. They're going to sound even better when I get this class A Pass power behind them. 
Enjoy!  Unbelievably good speakers.

Let us know how you like them!
I know it's now been a few months...how do the 936s sound with the A21? Any issues with the low impedance?