I only need 1 more duplex receptacle

i have 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits. one has a naim "strip" plugged into it (this has my sources..preamp, phono stage, cd, tuner). the other circuit has my power amp, and my power supply for phono. my dilemma is eventually i will getr another power amp to go full activ. so really all i need is a "strip" with 3 receptacles on it. The naim strip i have was given to me by my old dealer and ive had no problems with it. (ive never changed any power cords or strips) cleaning all my contacts and adding 2 dedicated lines were nice improvement...my system is extremely quiet right now...im not looking for anything fancy...just another 1 or 2 receptacles. suggestions/
Check with Robert at Ridge street Audio and ask about his Bloom Box, Worked wonders for me same situation...
YOU COULD ALWAYS REPLACE THE TWO GANG OUTLET SUPPLYING THE 'SOURCES', WITH A FOUR GANG... USE THE ADDITIONAL TWO OUTLETS FOR THE POWER COND AND THE EXSISTING TWO GANG DRIVING THE POWER AMP TO RUN BOTH AMPS... Personally, if at all possible, I'd add another line... depending on the amount of current the projected second amp will draw...

My amp uses two cords... I've run it on two separate dedicated lines, and on just one 20a dedicated line..(I've got four) ... If there is indeed a difference, I can't hear it. Currently I'm down to using just three lines, all 20's, one for CD, one for preamp & some sources, and one for the amp. This seems both conveinent and best sounding on the whole. the amp is set to the line closest to the entry of the bus. Which ever way you choose, regarding the amp, keep both amps on the same phase. Can be different lines but ensure use of the same phase when using two amps.
jim, forgive my ignorance...but im not quite sure i understand you regarding replacing a 2 gang outlet with a 4 gang..are you saying just "pigtail" off the one duplex to another? if so, would this alter the impact of a dedicated line? actually now that i think about it, sounds quite logical...man sometimes we have tunnel vision. BTW my amps are Linn which arent power hungry by any means.so that should suffice thx!!!
Contact Stu Wein at www.audiopartsinc.com
Contact Igor at K Works:gorkuz@yahoo.com he can help with your power needs.


....yes. i suspect that will do. the steps are easy enough... I just did it on three of the four dedicated outlets I was using... if I can do it I'm certain anyone else can too. I found no boxes behind the outlets when I upgraded to the hospital grade outlets I installed. consequently, I installed single gang boxes as well as replacing the old outlets. opening up the one you wish to update, removing the outlet, and box go get whatever you wish to add in terms of another 'box' and yes, make a joint of the incoming dedicated line and pigtail off of it to the new outlets using wire nuts and more romex or THHN - your choice. No sense in going overboard with anything fancy right there. the runs too short. Add the second outlet and a new face plate with two outlets in it... and bang! Done deal. Again, personally, adding a second singular line is not a bad notion... though I'd add it only for the opportunity to provide for a greater current drawing device (s). Hope that helps.